Monday Morning Quicky

So I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t prepare a blog post for today. Oops! Really, I got nothing but a few quick bullets.

– Daphne’s ear has been sure sensitive and sore lately and when I looked at it last night it was all nasty. A trip to the vet today or tomorrow is in store. :( At least I won’t have to pay emergency fees. Those are EEEK-PEN-SIVE.

– Kyle and I are slowly preparing to buy a house of our own! We made a list of everything we’ll need for our house as far as kitchenware and such goes. The list is actually quite short!

– A guy who went through the self-checkouts at the grocery store last night needed help and to get my attention, he called me “Waitress.” Umm, okay.

– I finally made my amazing muffins yesterday! Prepare for a tasty Friday Food post at the end of the week!

– I just realized that there are three computers in my living room, all working, plus my XBox. I’m pretty sure this is a household full of nerds.

– I’m loving the amazing summer weather that’s come around! It’s suppose to be about 26º C today! (That’s about 79º F for you south of the border!) I have the desire to shop for cute summery cloths and flip-flops.

And now, a random picture of my Mom’s cat, because he’s crazy:

Happy Monday! :)

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