Pregnancy 2.0: 28 Weeks

28 weeks

Size of Baby: About the size of a tropical coconut, according to my pregnancy app! I’m now also officially in the third trimester! Only 12 weeks to go!

Feeling: Not too bad, other than the usual nagging hip pain. I’ve been waking up at least once every night to go to the bathroom, and when I wake up I’m usually sweating to death. I blame the Snoogle, really.

Craving: I satisfied my hankering for a Vietnamese Spring Roll while I was in Vancouver on the weekend, so that was delicious. Now I’m really wanting bacon & hashbrowns for some reason, so on Friday I’m going to make that for everyone.

Other: I’ve started touching up the paint in the nursery. I did the trim yesterday and I still have around the window to do, but I have to buy a small can of paint before I do that. I also bought a lamp for the nursery while I was in Ikea and looked for some kind of artwork for the walls, but didn’t come up with anything. Here’s the lamp I got though. It’s really pretty and not too bright!


I also bought a cute little bunny stuffed toy from Ikea. Really, I could have gone REALLY crazy there, but refrained big time.

Also, while I was in Vancouver I hit up Old Navy thinking I’d be able to find some maternity clothes there for a decent price. Umm, not so much. They had NOTHING in my size and their maternity clothing was priced about the same as actual maternity store’s. Lame-o. I found 1 shirt for $10 and that was it. Isla got some cute new clothes though, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

Oh yes, and for those who care to hazard a guess, Baby Girl’s name starts with the letter “N.” Isla still insists it’s Ketchup though ;)

Pregnancy 2.0: 26 Weeks

26 Weeks

Size of baby: She’s the size of a butternut squash, according to the Ovia Pregnancy app on my phone.

Feeling: Okayish. Prenatal yoga has been helping to stretch out my achy parts, but at the same time, I haven’t done any kind of stretching in SO long that really, it’s making me sore in other places too. The other day I tried to convince Kyle to rip my legs off because my hip joints were hurting so bad. (He declined.) Other than that, I’ve been feeling pretty good.

Craving: Pi Day made me want pie, so on Monday I decided to whip up an apple pie. SO GOOD. I’ve also had a big craving for Vietnamese spring rolls, and was pretty sad that the place downtown where I used to get them at all the time was all out. Serves me right for stopping there after lunch. The hunt continues …

Other: I got the requisition for my glucose test at my prenatal appointment on Monday, so I’ll be doing that on Friday when Kyle’s home to watch Isla for the hour or so that I’ll be gone doing that. My regular doctor was away, so he had a locum filling in for him, and when the locum asked if I had my “sugar test” done yet and I told him no, he said to me, “Bad girl!” Umm … not my fault? Then when I asked him about what allergy pills were safe to take, he said he wasn’t 100% sure and that he’d look it up. I figured he’d bust out a medical dictionary or something but noooooope – he hopped on the computer and WebMD’d it. WHAT? Needless to say, I’m just going to hold off taking any pills until I either A) See my regular doctor again, or B) Ask a pharmacist. Ugh.

We’ve also decided on a middle name, so the baby officially will have a name when she arrives. Although the other night I had a dream that I gave birth to a boy when I was told it was a girl, haha. We have boy names picked out too, so you never know! Crazier things have happened. Isla would be happy if we named her baby sister “Ketchup” though. ;)

Pregnancy 2.0: 24 weeks

24 Weeks

Size of baby: About the size of a garden eggplant, according to the Ovia pregnancy app.

Feeling: I’ve been feeling kind of gross lately (i.e., gassy), and I’m just going to blame it on Baby Girl growing and shoving my insides around to accommodate herself. I’ve also been fighting a bit of a cold that I caught from Isla, so really, I’ve been a hot mess.

Craving: Orange juice and hummus. I satisfied the OJ craving with some clementines, and bought hummus at the store the other day and have been eating it with anything that’s dippable as a snack.

Other: We’re also pretty certain on the baby’s name! Kyle and I are still trying to decide on a middle name, but the first name is more or less a sure thing :) Like with Isla, we’re not telling anyone what the name is until she’s born, but you can have fun guessing if you want! I also start prenatal yoga tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward to that!