Pregnancy 2.0: 34 weeks

34 weeks

Size of Baby: She’s about the size of a head of savoy cabbage, lol, or about 5lbs.

Feeling: Hoooooooot. We’ve been having some really warm weather lately, and while I usually love it, it is no fun to be in when you’re pregnant. My feet are starting to swell too. Yay! (I should really change this section to “Complaints/Whining.”)

Craving: Still lots of sweets. I’m doing my best not to binge eat junk food, but it’s tough. I’ve been cutting up strawberries and eating those lately, and it kind of works to fight the urge to eat pounds and pounds of candy.

Other: The nursery is 90% complete. Kyle just needs to get the curtain rod up for me and then I can finally finish “nesting.” I’d like to toss all of Isla’s hand-me-downs into the wash and get those sorted and put away as soon as I can. I really would like to make some closet dividers since there’s SO much to hang up. If I can get the first 6 months worth of sleepers hanging I’ll be happy, but I may run out of hangers before they’re all hung up.

Pregnancy 2.0: 32 weeks

32 weeks

Size of Baby: She’s the size of a Florida pomelo. Or, if you prefer, is about 18″ and weighs about 4lbs. Some days I’m pretty sure she’s massive though, because quite often I can feel her in my ribs and in my pelvis at the same time. Joys.

Feeling: Big. Okay, I’m not that big, but I sure feel like it. I’ve actually gained less weight right now than I did with Isla, which is a huge high-five moment for me. But, and I’ve said it a zillion times already, my body sure is reminding me that I’m carrying just over 20 extra pounds of weight around with me. It hurrrrrts, but it will soon all be worth it.

Craving: All the sweets. Seriously. And I’m doing a pretty good job (IMO) avoiding those cravings. With the exception of a 7-Eleven Slurpee on the weekends and a handful of chocolate-covered raisins every now and then, I’m caving into cravings a lot less this time. (Which is probably why I’m 5lbs less at 32wks than I was with Isla at 32wks.) I go for a little yogurt cup instead of ice cream before bed.

Other: I scored the exact curtains I wanted for the nursery on a local mom swap/buy group for only $15 for 2 panels! They’re normally about $20/panel brand new, so I’m pretty proud of myself! (Even more since there were a 1/2 dozen ladies lined up to buy them if I failed to pick them up from the seller.) Kyle has a shelf to rehang in the closet and Isla’s new dresser to assemble, and then the nursery will be complete!

I’m also thinking about going to Home Depot and picking out a “Just in Case” swatch of paint. For some reason I’m not 100% sold that this baby is a girl. I had a dream a while ago that “she” came out a “he”, and ever since then I’ve been apprehensive about this one being a girl! (Although I did buy a “feminine” coming-home outfit.) I’m sure we won’t have any surprises, but I’ll pick out a colour and keep it on hand just in case! My step-father in-law is an excellent painter, so I’m sure he could have the room repainted before we even come home from the hospital ;)

Pregnancy 2.0: 30 Weeks

30 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby N is about the size of a summer cantaloup, according to my pregnancy app, which is funny because it looks like I’m smuggling watermelons under my shirt. Really, she feels like she’s closer to the size of a watermelon sometimes too, especially when she decides to set up camp in my ribs.

Feeling: Okay. I’ve been having motivation issues lately and my aching body certainly isn’t helping. Lugging our vacuum up the stairs to vacuum the carpet is a chore in its own right. Things that are also becoming a challenge to do are: Shoulder-checking while driving (can one put tow mirrors on a VW Golf?), getting up off the couch, and reaching things set far back on deep counters. Blarg. Kyle says I’ve complained a lot more during this pregnancy and that doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Craving: Candy! My sweet tooth is getting out of control and while I’m trying SO hard to watch my sugar intake, it’s hard! While at the grocery store on Saturday I bought a bunch of candy from the bulk section, and on Monday I bought more. Shame on me …



Other: I had my prenatal appointment on Monday and all looked great, according to my doctor! I now start seeing him every two weeks, which is a huge, “Holy crap, this pregnancy is FLYING by” moment. Isla seems to enjoy coming to the appointments with me as well; she stands on the little stool while the doctor checks Baby’s heart rate and it’s the most adorable thing. Hard to believe that in just a couple of months we’ll become a family of 4 …

We’re also slowly plugging away at getting the nursery all set up again. There’s a bunch of paint to touch up and we’ve yet to build Isla’s new dresser so we can put her old one in the nursery, but we’re getting there. I also need to buy some curtains to hang because the amount of sunlight that comes into the kids’ rooms is crazy. It’s pretty surreal seeing the crib all set up again!