Pregnancy 2.0: 34 weeks

34 weeks

Size of Baby: She’s about the size of a head of savoy cabbage, lol, or about 5lbs.

Feeling: Hoooooooot. We’ve been having some really warm weather lately, and while I usually love it, it is no fun to be in when you’re pregnant. My feet are starting to swell too. Yay! (I should really change this section to “Complaints/Whining.”)

Craving: Still lots of sweets. I’m doing my best not to binge eat junk food, but it’s tough. I’ve been cutting up strawberries and eating those lately, and it kind of works to fight the urge to eat pounds and pounds of candy.

Other: The nursery is 90% complete. Kyle just needs to get the curtain rod up for me and then I can finally finish “nesting.” I’d like to toss all of Isla’s hand-me-downs into the wash and get those sorted and put away as soon as I can. I really would like to make some closet dividers since there’s SO much to hang up. If I can get the first 6 months worth of sleepers hanging I’ll be happy, but I may run out of hangers before they’re all hung up.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy 2.0: 34 weeks

  1. “I’m doing my best to binge eat junk food” – haha, I think you meant “NOT eat junk food” but this was a funny typo. ;) You are looking great and I can’t believe you’re in the home stretch!


    • It sure feels bigger this week! It might be the shirt I’m wearing – it’s getting a little small, even for a maternity shirt! I’m excited to not be pregnant anymore but most definitely nervous about having 2 kids to chase after!



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