Pregnancy 2.0: 36 weeks

36 weeks

Size of Baby: She’s about the size of a ripe papaya, and nearing almost 6lbs. I’ll be happy if Baby N is in the 7lb range at birth, so we’ll see what happens.

Feeling: Very “nesty.” I’ve been nesting like crazy and I think it’s scaring Kyle a little, haha. In the past week alone I’ve got the carseat base installed in the car and ready to go, washed all of Isla’s old clothes from newborn to 6 months, packed my hospital bag, packed the baby’s bag, baked muffins, and got a start on some freezer meals. Whew! It’s no wonder why I’m so exhausted and sore by the end of the day.

My feet are also starting to feel a little … plump. While I can still see my ankle bone, whenever I curl my toes they definitely feel a bit swollen. Same with my fingers. I’m trying to avoid eating a lot of salty foods and am trying to drink more water, so hopefully that helps.

Craving: Frozen yogurt! I’ve yet to make an effort to treat myself and indulge, but that’s all I’ve been wanting. I blame the frozen yogurt tubes I’ve been giving to Isla at breakfast.

Other: The end is SO near! I have my prenatal appointment on Friday and then I believe I’ll start going to weekly appointments since I’ll be FULL TERM (!!!) on Wednesday next week. I also think I’ll post the remainder of my pregnancy update posts every week since I have a sneaky feeling that this baby is going to come early. (I’m totally jinxing myself when I say that though, right?) I’m not sure if I just feel that way because time seems to have gone by so much faster with this pregnancy than with Isla, or if I’m just ready do be DONE, but either way, I’ll happily deliver a week before I’m actually due. No earlier though, I have plans! ;)

We’re actually having an early birthday party with just family for Isla in a couple weeks since I’m sure I’ll be in no shape to throw a party for her on her actual birthday (June 29), especially if I’ve just given birth OR still pregnant. She’s still young/naive enough to not realize that the day we’re celebrating isn’t her actual birthday, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Besides, what kid would say “No” to cake? (Not me!)

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy 2.0: 36 weeks

  1. Do you think you’ll have separate birthday’s for the kids going forward? Our nieces are born on June 27 and July 1 and my sister in law tries to do separate birthdays but it is so much easier to just have them together!

    It seems like yesterday you announced you were pregnant! This pregnancy has flown by!


    • I think it will depend on how far apart their birthdays are! If they’re a week or more apart, I’ll likely do separate birthdays. If they’re within a few days of one another, I may do joint parties, at least until they’re old enough to figure it out ;) I would be easier to kill two birds with one stone, for sure!

      On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 9:15 AM, She Writes Words wrote:



  2. I can’t believe you’re so close to meeting Baby N! My sister has 6 kids, and 3 of them have birthdays within a week of each other. There’s a pretty big age difference between them so she tries to have separate parties but it’s a LOT of work! She’s actually considering having rotating parties, lol – one kid gets a party/year and that’s it! I’m glad my kids’ birthdays are a few months apart :) Parties stress me out enough as it is!



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