Pregnancy 2.0: 24 weeks

24 Weeks

Size of baby: About the size of a garden eggplant, according to the Ovia pregnancy app.

Feeling: I’ve been feeling kind of gross lately (i.e., gassy), and I’m just going to blame it on Baby Girl growing and shoving my insides around to accommodate herself. I’ve also been fighting a bit of a cold that I caught from Isla, so really, I’ve been a hot mess.

Craving: Orange juice and hummus. I satisfied the OJ craving with some clementines, and bought hummus at the store the other day and have been eating it with anything that’s dippable as a snack.

Other: We’re also pretty certain on the baby’s name! Kyle and I are still trying to decide on a middle name, but the first name is more or less a sure thing :) Like with Isla, we’re not telling anyone what the name is until she’s born, but you can have fun guessing if you want! I also start prenatal yoga tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward to that!


One thought on “Pregnancy 2.0: 24 weeks

  1. I saw on FB that Isla wanted to name the baby Ketchup – that’s a fantastic name! Topher’s already picked names for “his” next baby – Callie if it’s a girl (after Sheriff Callie, I think) and Levi if it’s a boy. We haven’t told him that we’re not planning to have any more kids yet. We’ll let him dream for awhile …



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