Hello, Monday


I’ll be completely honest – I was actually looking forward to waking up this morning. The Daylight Savings change kicked my butt yesterday, and since today is my first Monday off since January, I welcomed this morning with open arms!

I finished my contract at the university on Friday, so today marks the start of getting things back to normal. No more 6 a.m. alarm clocks! No more rushing to get Isla fed, dressed and out the door! I can now go back to being a stay-at-home mom, something that I now realize that I actually enjoyed. I missed Isla’s antics – both the hilarious and the hair-pulling ones. I get to take in a lot more of this every morning:Sunrises

Working for the past 9 weeks has been good; Kyle and I have managed to pay off a good chunk of our new (to us) truck and at the rate we’re going, we should hopefully have it paid by the end of the year. Working did, however, have some negative effects.

Isla regressed a little bit in the potty training, and me heading back to work definitely had something to do with it. She went from lazy mornings to “get up and go” ones, we cut out her afternoon nap (which needed to be done anyway), and the rules she had to follow were always changing – Grandma’s House rules are always the best ones, afterall.

I’m taking this first week of “Back to Normalcy” to do just that – to not do anything too outgoing, but to instead just get things back to normal. I’ve gone back to handing out treats for potty time success. We had a wonderfully warm weekend and Isla was a star, so I’m hoping I can keep it going.

I really do appreciate going back to work, don’t get me wrong, but I think that perhaps just for now, being a working mom just isn’t for me. I’ll eventually go back to hating Mondays, but for today, I’m welcoming it with open arms.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Monday

  1. I don’t usually mind Mondays, it’s Tuesdays I hate. Topher has preschool and he HATES getting up early – I can only imagine how much fun tomorrow is going to be with the time change and all! I hope your & Isla’s adjustment back to “normalcy” goes quickly and well :)


  2. Congratulations on being done with your contract! I think it’s so awesome you got the opportunity to try the other side and really see what you think of it. And even more awesome you can continue to stay at home and it works so well for your family! I really love my job so for that reason (and financially) I don’t see myself ever being a SAHM, but never say never right! Who knows what the next few years might bring.


  3. One thing I love about my job is I never dread Mondays. I mean, sure, I miss the weekend and get a wee bit sad as the hours wind down on Sunday, but I don’t have anxiety or feel awful on Monday mornings. And I love that! It might be different if I had a kid, but I’m really enjoying not having anxiety on Sunday nights nowadays.

    Enjoy being a SAHM again! I’m sure Isla is thrilled, too! :)


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