Three years


When people ask me how long I’ve been married to my husband and I respond with three years, I wish I could dive deeper into the question. For us, it’s been so much longer than just three years of marriage; behind that there were eight years of dating, and even before that, there were years of friendship, both on and off.┬áToday, I don’t know what my life would be like if I hadn’t taken the chance and told him that I wanted to kiss him – and if he hadn’t jumped on the opportunity to do so.

No one ever before has had such an amazing affect on my life in such an amazing way. While we will always have our moments of frustration and anger, I’m certain that our true love can really triumph over all obstacles. He gets me and I get him.

I couldn’t be any more lucky to be married to the best guy in the world. I love you, Mister. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to my Husband

Dear Kyle,

Today is your birthday. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that you graced the world with your presence 28 years ago. While things haven’t always been smooth sailing, you have always managed to make the best out of any situation and that’s something that makes me so proud to be your wife.

Isla is so lucky to have you as a dad. I can see it in her eyes how much she loves you: from the way she lights up when she hears you come home from work to the way she hugs you when she’s having a rough day. You make her laugh and help her strive to be the very best at whatever she wants to be. (Even if it’s a cook scrambling air eggs.) You’ll always be her hero, even when you threaten any boyfriends she may bring home.

And me? I’m so glad that just over 11 years ago I took that leap of faith and became your girlfriend. It was the best decision I’ve ever made because it lead to some of the best times of my life. I can’t wait to grow old and grey with you, and to yell at the kids to get off our lawn. You’re the perfect balance of goofy and serious, you show me tough love when I need a reality check but still amuse me when I have a crazy idea (like twine-wrapping wine bottles). You’ve helped me grow as an individual but ground me when life spins out of control. I cannot express how much you mean to me.

So my love, here’s to you. You may be a little bit older today, but you’re still the most amazing husband and dad I know.

Happy 28th Birthday, Kyle. I love you!

{insert mushy crap here}

I’m not a believer in Valentine’s Day. Never really have been, honestly, and it’s not because I’m single (obviously). I’ve said it a few times on the blog in the past (like here and here), and it still hasn’t changed. One day dedicated to grand, overpriced gestures just makes no sense to me. I feel bad for the guys who feel the pressure to “Wow” their women on February 14, and I shake my head at the women who expect their men to go above and beyond for one day of the year. I say, if they want to go above and beyond, do something grand on a random Wednesday in the middle of March. ┬áThat, to me, shouts love. Not a box of gross chocolates or gas station carnations.

Kyle mentioned Valentine’s Day to me last week and how he felt he should do something for me. I told him that by no means did I expect – or even want – anything. I swear that in my head I’m not shouting, “YES! DO SOMETHING! BUY ME PRETTY THINGS!” It’s just not my thing. I appreciate loving gestures, but I don’t appreciate the pressure of a ridiculously over-commercialized holiday. Even Christmas is starting to get a little out of hand these days.

I’ll end my annual Valentine’s Day rant there. I hope your Valentine’s Day brings to you whatever your heart desires, grand gestures or not.