{insert mushy crap here}

I’m not a believer in Valentine’s Day. Never really have been, honestly, and it’s not because I’m single (obviously). I’ve said it a few times on the blog in the past (like here and here), and it still hasn’t changed. One day dedicated to grand, overpriced gestures just makes no sense to me. I feel bad for the guys who feel the pressure to “Wow” their women on February 14, and I shake my head at the women who expect their men to go above and beyond for one day of the year. I say, if they want to go above and beyond, do something grand on a random Wednesday in the middle of March. Β That, to me, shouts love. Not a box of gross chocolates or gas station carnations.

Kyle mentioned Valentine’s Day to me last week and how he felt he should do something for me. I told him that by no means did I expect – or even want – anything. I swear that in my head I’m not shouting, “YES! DO SOMETHING! BUY ME PRETTY THINGS!” It’s just not my thing. I appreciate loving gestures, but I don’t appreciate the pressure of a ridiculously over-commercialized holiday. Even Christmas is starting to get a little out of hand these days.

I’ll end my annual Valentine’s Day rant there. I hope your Valentine’s Day brings to you whatever your heart desires, grand gestures or not.