What to Wear (Or Not)

About a month ago, Amber wrote this post about workplace attire and it made me think more about what is and isn’t acceptable to wear to work.

I’ve been at my new job for almost 3 months now, and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the dress code! For example, they other day one of the gals in advertising was wearing a halter-style sundress and another gal was wearing a short skirt. Also? Shirts without sleeves seem to be acceptable. Before I started I asked my boss what the dress code was and he said, “Business casual. So basically no jeans” (With the exception of “Jeans Day Friday”) But isn’t a short skirt and halter dress a little TOO casual? I can’t figure it out!

I would never wear a skirt that goes more than a couple inched above my knees and I’ve never worked at a place that allows sleeveless shirts or halter-dresses or spaghetti-straps. Maybe I’m an old fuddy-duddy, but they don’t seem appropriate.

Generally, I stick to knee-length shorts/capris and shirts with sleeves, no matter how hot it is outside. (The building is FREEZING with the AC on anyway) I wouldn’t wear sleeveless shirts because having the tattoos on my calf showing is already enough. As far as skirts and dresses go – I have no idea. I’m not brave enough to wear a skirt or dress to work. Reason 1: I don’t have any that are appropriate in my eyes and 2) I’m deathly afraid of having my dress being accidentally tucked into my underwear and flashing the entire office. (AKA “How NOT to Climb the Corporate Ladder”)

So yeah, I’m still at a loss for what to wear to work. It’s more formal than my last job, but not pant-suit formal or “You better cover up your tattoos or the clients will ditch us” formal (Thank Jeebus). Ugh. I have no idea. Someone help me wrap my brain around this one!

When I Was Young …

… I used to think that “euthanasia” was “youth in Asia” and I didn’t know what the big deal was.

… I didn’t know how to make coffee and so I re-used the grounds when I worked for a country restaurant/market.


I had a bunch on other ones in them head too, but as soon as I sat down to write them, I forgot. Go figure.

Happy Monday!

Dinner Table Conversations

As most of you may have gathered, I live with two boys, Kyle and Roommate. Kyle and the Roommate are actually really the bestest of friends. They met while going to Welding school together back in 2007 and have been together ever since. (I like to joke that they have a Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, “I Love You Man” relationship)

Anyway, for whatever reason we tend to have rather inappropriate dinner table conversations. Ones we’d never have if our grandparents were at the table, looking at us with scowls on their faces. It is with this in mind that I present to you a new series: Dinner Table Conversations.

While talking about what rape is, or something like that: (I tend to ignore them and only listen to bits and pieces of the conversation)

Kyle: (jokingly) Oh, you know it’s unconventional sex.
Roommate: You mean un-consensual.
Kyle: No no, I mean unconventional. It’s unconventional if it’s in the ear.
Me: …..


Kyle: You know, if we had to eat one of us to survive the zombie apocalypse or something, Kara would be the best choice.
Me: *blank stare* What? Why???
Kyle: Well, I’m too fat and [Roommate]’s too thin. You have a good balance of muscle and fat.
Roommate: He’s right. I’d be too stringy.
Me: Gee, thanks guys …


Background info: Our dogs sometimes act like lesbian lovers.

Kyle: You know, when of them passes away before the other, the one still living is going to be so lost.
Me: Yeah, it’s true. It’s going to be so depressing!
Roommate: Yeah, I mean, who would she 69 with?


Thanks for tuning in kids!