Fridays Are For: Being Lazy

I had planned on posting a delicious steak marinade recipe for Friday Food, but I was feeling lazy enjoying my day off for Canada Day, so I got nothing. Lucky enough for you though, I have a post up at In It To Gym It, so you should probably go check that out! (Okay, it was posted yesterday, but check it out anyway!)

We’re all allowed cheat days, right? And oh yeah, my Bloggiversary is coming up soon and I’m brainstorming some sort of giveaway. Stay ‘tuned, and happy long weekend everyone :)

WTF Friday 5.0

Last Friday, I almost died. While vacuuming. Not even joking.

Okay, maybe I’m joking a little, but still, I wish someone would die. Her name is Edith and she’s like that little old lady in that Drew Barrymore/Ben Stiller movie The Duplex who just won’t die. Except it’s not a better house that I want (although I do want one of those), it’s a vacuum. Meet Edith:

She’s about 25 years old, which I think dates back to the Triassic period in vacuum years, and I. Hate. Her. I want a new, sleek, sexy vacuum that doesn’t have electrical tape holding her together SO BADLY, but since this is Kyle’s mom’s and she won’t give it up, I’m stuck with her. “Why buy a new vacuum?? This one works perfectly well!” Yes, perfectly well if the electric tape holds the spliced wires together and the plug-in stays together.

So back to my near-death experience. I was vacuuming away, about 1.5 songs through my house cleaning routine when I went to pull Edith along to vacuum the living room. Her cord was a little tangled, so I pulled a bit more when there was a huge spark and Edith stopped sucking. (Har har har!) Scared shitless, realize that Edith’s cord had snapped in two right at the base. “Great,” I think. “She’s dead! NEW VACUUM!” Except I figure that I should try and fix her just to say that I tried.

I managed to bare enough of the wires to try and twist them back together to get Edith to work again. I plug her back in, turn her on and NOTHING. I was excited yet horrified at the same time. Excited because I’d be able to get a new vacuum but horrified because the MIL loves that stupid vacuum and has issues with holding onto things. I unplugged her and tried again. Success! Expect why did I try fixing her? WTF was I thinking? Now I’m still stuck with her, Edith, the crazy bitch vacuum in the closet who just won’t die. Maybe I should pay off the mob to put cement around her hose and throw her into the drink. Or maybe I should just get myself one of these:

Happy Friday! I hope it doesn’t “suck”! (LOLZ)

Git Yer Herr Did

Last Friday, I decided to chop all my hair off. Like. OFF. Okay, maybe not buzzed off, and maybe not pixie-cut off, but it’s gone.

My usual routine is to grow my hair long past my shoulders for a couple years before chopping it short to chin-length. It’s always hard for me to do – I grew up with LOOOONG hair. Think down to your butt-crack long. I remember when I first had my hair all chopped off – I was maybe in Grade 5 – it was the weirdest feeling.

Ever since then, I haven’t cut it drastically, except for a couple occasions. Long hair as always seemed like a security blanket for me. I feel more feminine in a way, but with my short hair, I feel more grown-up. As my grandma said, “I don’t look like a teeny-bopper.” lol

When I went to the hair dresser’s, I just told her girl, “I want it chopped off.” And so she did; It took an hour and I thought I was going to be late for work. The end result, however, was pleasing:

Okay, that wasn’t taken on the day of the chop, but you get the idea, right? Short! The girl used sooo much product in my hair that it felt nasty. (I only ever use hair spray) Now that I’ve styled it myself, it feels better. I get a couple weird cow-licky things that I don’t know how to fix, but I’ll figure it out. Flat iron when I have the money maybe?

So what’s the boldest thing you ever got did to yerr herr?

And now, if you haven’t watched this video before,  you probably should, because if your sense of humour is anything like mine, you’ll find it hilarious. (Yes, I have frat-boy humour, amongst other types.)

Happy Thursday! :)