Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope all my Canadian readers had a wonderful long weekend, and to my American followers, I hope you have a great Fourth of July tomorrow!

We had a weekend jam-packed with adventure, so I’ll just jump right into it!

We packed up early and headed out to the lake for the night! My aunt and uncle had bought a place right on the water and invited us out to stay, so we couldn’t say no to that! A good chunk of my family was also going up, so it was a fun little trip!

While the weather was all over the place, the girls had an absolute blast! There was a lot of running in the rain and swatting mosquitos, but by the end of the night the rain subsided and we had some beautiful rainbows and sunsets, and celebrated with an awesome campfire!





And yes, that’s a fox! He (she?) was just hanging out on the side of the road and didn’t give a flying fox (HAAAA) about me being 10ft away from him. The next morning when I was taking Campbell for a walk, there was three of them just hanging out on the road. Nature is crazy, yo.

We had a bit of a slow morning but we eventually got loaded up and headed home around lunchtime. We made a quick stop to visit Kyle’s dad and stretch our legs, but managed to make good time and made it home with plenty of time to prep dinner and throw some laundry on.

The girls were EXHAUSTED and didn’t argue at all when we went them to bed early, haha.


{Sunday/a.k.a. Canada Day!}
We were back in the truck and travelling east to the Little Shuswap for our annual visit with Kyle’s best friend from high school. While it was rainy (again) the kids scrambled to the playground during every break from the showers and we had a nice visit with everyone. There was even a little Canada Day celebration in the park that we wandered over to, and the girls got their faces painted.


Today was a lazy day for the most part, although I did get up early and get in a 4 mile run on the treadmill before everyone else woke up. After showering and feeding the tigers kids I went off to the store to get our groceries for the week.

I gave Campbell a much needed bath as well! After being at the lake he was pretty grimy and stinky, plus he was eaten alive by mosquitos, so it was long overdue.

After lunch Kyle went out for his long run and the girls and I just had a quiet afternoon or fingernail painting, block building, and laundry doing.

That’s about it! How was your holiday? 


Kangaroo Creek Farm

You guys. There is a place less than 2 hours away from me where you can go pet, feed, and hold kangaroos and this past Monday, I finally checked visiting Kangaroo Creek Farm off my bucket list!

It was a holiday in BC on Monday, which meant my mom had the day off (Kyle picked up an OT shift), so we loaded up the girls and headed out to Winfield to visit the farm. It was a beautiful day for a drive and the farm did not disappoint!

There were kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, capybaras, maras, goats, parrots … the list goes on!

Isla had so much fun checking out the animals and I’m sure we’ll be repeat visitors once Norah is old enough to explore on her own as well. Kangaroo Creek Farm is well worth the drive and is probably one of the coolest petting “zoos” out there. (I say “zoo” because it’s actually owned by regular people – they live on the premises and lease the land around them to raise their animals.)

But enough blabbering: Pictures!



Full disclosure: I visited Kangaroo Creek Farm on my own dime and was not compensated whatsoever for my review.