Weekend Update

We had a busy one this weekend! Here’s what we got up to:

I went for a quick treadmill run in the morning and Norah slept in until just after 6am, which meant I didn’t have to tend to her mid-run, so that was a huge bonus! The icing on the cake was that she woke up with a dry Pull-Up AND took herself to the bathroom right away, so she’s getting closer to being fully potty trained. Yay!

After Isla finished school we headed down to my MIL’s for an early dinner as she was watching Norah while Isla and I went to watch a dance recital. The studio she attends showcases the “big kids” during three different evening shows, while Isla’s age group performs in the afternoon. Since she’s going to be a “big kid” next dance season, I thought I’d take her to watch them perform. It was a bit of a late night, but she absolutely loved it!


Her favourite performances that night were “Moana and allll the ballet” and her eyes really lit up when one of her teachers performed in a group ballet routine. I think watching the big kid show got her pretty excited to do her own recital on Saturday and Sunday!

Norah “slept in” until just after 6, so she watched some cartoons on the iPad for a bit while I waited for the coffee to be ready and scrolled Instagram. I saw one of Joe Rogan’s posts saying that he was going to be in Vancouver in August, and out of curiously I clicked through to the ticket information. As it turns out, he’s actually going to be in Abbotsford, and there were still tickets available, so I woke Kyle up to run the idea of going by him. The show is on his regular day off, so we bought ourselves tickets! It was a total whim but we’re pumped to go see him live!

Other than that, we had a relatively quiet morning before I got Isla’s dance things together and we headed down to my mom’s as she was watching Norah while Isla had her recital. We had a quick lunch then it was time to get ready for the show!


How can this be my baby’s fourth dance recital and she’ll soon be 6? I don’t even know …

Anyway, I got her to the theatre so she could go backstage, then I just hung around and waited for Kyle and the remainder of our family to arrive. We slowly filed into the theatre and the show got underway!

Isla’s group did awesome during their routine and they all nailed it! Isla even got to dance beside one of her best friends, so that made her super happy. It was a long exhausting day, but she made me so proud.



Norah was proud of her ice cream cone.

We had another lazy-ish morning aside from grocery shopping and the usual errands, and then it was time to get Isla ready for her 2nd recital of the weekend.

Kyle spent most of the day working on building some bases for the gazebo we bought for our deck. Technically it’s supposed to be anchored directly to the deck, but there’s no chance in hell we’re ruining the Duradek for a cheap gazebo, haha. I think the bases will work great to keep it from flying away in the wind, so we shall keep our fingers crossed!

My mom was taking Isla to the recital, so around 1pm she picked Isla up I got baking! Because Isla’s birthday falls during summer vacation time, her teacher is picked arbitrary days in June all the “off-season” kids to celebrate in their classroom. Isla’s special day is today, (Monday) so I make her ice cream cone cupcakes to share with her class. They were actually really easy to make and she loves them!


Kyle’s aunt & uncle popped over for a quick visit in the afternoon, and then Isla got home from her recital just after 4pm. Kyle came in from his “workshop” and we got to making dinner before winding down for the night.


It was a pretty exhausting weekend but it was a productive one! Now it’s Monday and I’m gearing up for another busy week/weekend; I’m dropping in on a run club Wednesday night and have ball Thursday, plus a final exam on Friday. Whew!

How was your weekend??


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