Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone! It’s gorgeous and sunny, and while I wait for some programs to download onto my loaner computer I figure I’ll recap our weekend!

I got up early and did a quick 10-minute run on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown.

After taking Isla to school, Kyle and I ran some errands in the morning; we picked up our tax paperwork (we get a return, woo-hoo!), visited the chiropractor, and looked at a house that’s for sale with our realtor. (Which we decided wasn’t quite what we’re looking for.) I tossed dinner into the crock-pot (carne asadas) when we got home, and then just hung around the house until it was time to get Isla from school. We ran a couple more quick errands before supper, then came home and watched the Blue Jays game/ate dinner.

It was a horribly rainy day, but I headed out to try out a spin class at the new(ish) spin studio in Kamloops, K Spin.


It was a helluva good workout, but I think the heat was accidentally left on because it was ridiculously hot! I was literally pouring sweat and was completely exhausted by the time I got home. I showered and refuelled my body with nutrients, and then helped supervised Kyle while he changed the oil in the truck.

I had promised Isla that I’d take her to the mall, so when Kyle was done the oil change we headed out sans Norah since she was napping. Isla needed new tights for her upcoming dance recital in June, as well as new runners, plus I promised her that she could buy herself something if she was good. We were successful in finding everything, so Isla bought herself an LOL Doll. (Can someone please explain the allure behind these overpriced trinkets??)

We came home and Kyle and I started to make dinner, but due to a massive barbecue flare up, dinner was ruined and we ended up ordering takeout. (Greek!)

I went out grocery shopping with Norah in the morning and then after lunch Kyle headed out for a run. When Norah got up from her nap we went down to visit with my mom for a bit, and we went and had a quick visit with my Grandpa as he was lending me his PC laptop so I can do a course that requires Microsoft Access.


The girls ran around my mom’s yard for a bit and admired the bees buzzing away in her flowers, and then it was time to head home for the usual Sunday evening routine of gearing up for the week.

That’s about all we got up to! This week I’m contemplating taking Norah swimming while Isla has her lessons, and my mom’s birthday is on Friday! Oh, and more running/training for the Boogie the Bridge at the end of the month! We’re making it a family affair yet again with Kyle doing the half-marathon (his first ever!), me doing the 5K run, and Isla doing the 1K Mini-Boogie. (Norah will have to wait until next year I think.)

What’s a highlight from your weekend? 


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