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  • Baseball is over for the season, but I’m sure many MLB fans are well aware of a certain player from a certain team making a certain gesture from his dugout during the World Series. It happened to be caught on camera (as everything is these days), and he’s being suspended from five games for it. Oh, at the beginning of next season though, when wins or losses aren’t as critical. I’m having a hard time accepting this as a punishment, not the length of the suspension, but the time of it. Would we punish our kids for being an asshole five months after the fact? Nooooope, so why should it be any different for adults?
    (Full disclosure: I was cheering for that player’s team to win the World Series, but by no means am I voicing my opinion based on team preference.)
  • How did you choose who to invite to your wedding? I know everyone has a different process on deciding who does and does not get invitations, but how do you decide? And have you ever not been invited to a wedding you thought for sure you’d be asked to attend? This has happened to me and I thought I was over it but … #bitter.
  • The school Isla goes to asked that the kids wear orange and black on Halloween day instead of their costumes, the reason being is that in the past, costumes get wrecked or accessories get lost, resulting in phone calls to the school by parents looking for items or getting mad because their kid’s costume is ruined for trick or treating. As much as I loved dressing up for school on Halloween when I was a kid, I can also understand where the school is coming from. The teachers cannot be blames for wrecked costumes, and it’s unfair to them to be held responsible. Is it an example of one person “ruining” an event for all? Possibly, and I can’t help but be a little annoyed by it all. In all fairness though, the PAC hosted a Halloween family dance last Thursday where kids could dress up in their costumes, so it’s not like the school is banning Halloween altogether.
  • More holiday thoughts – do you wait until after Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day to bust out the Christmas lights and decorations? Personally, it’s against my morals to turn on my lights before November 11, and I don’t decorate until December 1. I do, however, put my lights up in October while it’s still warmish because frostbitten fingers are no fun!!

That’s all for today, so here’s a question just for fun: What’s your favourite Halloween treat?

2 thoughts on “Thought Dump Thursday

  1. I try to wait until after Remembrance Day to decorate for Christmas. I am very anxious to this year though since it’s been snowy and cold here already. One of my coworkers is from Calgary and apparently in Calgary kids can’t dress up for school anymore, which I thought was so sad. I loved dressing up on Halloween every year as a kid and was always so proud of my costume!



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