Weekend Update

My goodness. I hope that wherever you are, you have less snow than we do! (And I’m jealous!) Here’s what we got up to on this wintery weekend:

The snow had started falling on Thursday, but on Friday it was still blowing around because of the wind and causing a mess. After I took Isla to school Norah and I pretty much just hung out at home and stayed warm. When she went down for her nap I did my best to clear the sidewalk of snow, and it was exhausting! The sun came out for a little bit but really, it didn’t make things any better. Oh, and I caught whatever cold Isla had brought home from school. Yay!


Taken around 5pm Thursday. By Friday you couldn’t see the chairs at all.

Kyle, his uncle, and stepdad went out for breakfast and then to a rye tasting, and I headed downtown to attend a barre class! I’ve been to one before, but it was way before Norah was even born, so when the opportunity attend came up I jumped on it! The great thing was that the place has childminding, so I was able to bring the girls with me and they just played during the hour I was working my butt off! The class was AWESOME, even though my legs and arms are now screaming at me.

After Norah’s nap we trekked outside so I could snap a few quick photographs for our Christmas cards! I have to admit, I almost opted not to take photos and to just throw school pics of the girls inside generic cards, but I’ll keep doing things this way until the girls get older and complain about it, heh heh.

We ordered pizza for dinner and the girls got ready for bed early and ended up watching a bit of Despicable Me 2 on tv before I kicked them to bed. Kyle and I switched the channel to Jack Reacher, but we were both so knackered from physical activity (barre class, shovelling snow) that we headed to bed by 10:30. Parrrrrty animals!

Time change is the biggest load of BS to ever exist. Norah, who’s almost always up before the sun, stayed true to her routine and woke up at what to her was 5:30am, but in reality it was 4:30. Oh, and she was crying that she was hungry. Joy to me! I grabbed her an apple and we hung out in her room watching Paw Patrol on the iPad until about 7am. Then it was time for breakfast. And coffee. So. Much. Coffee. 

I eventually headed out with the girls to pick up some groceries and then we went down to my mom’s to visit for a bit. The roads are SO bad, it’s scary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen our hill in such bad shape, I pretty much don’t want to leave it unless I absolutely have to. 

We came home and just hung out until it was time for the usual dinner/bath/bed routine! 

 That’s about it for our weekend, what did you get up to? 


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. So we have less snow than you (though it’s WAY COLDER!) and we didn’t have to deal with the time change, so sometimes I am reminded that being up north isn’t *that* bad. Ha! That is seriously a lot of snow though, I don’t ever remember there being that much snow this early in the 8 years I lived there!



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