Tiny Happy Tuesday VIII


I just remembered that I’m actually horrible at Roman numerals and I’m pretty sure after XIII I’m going to have to Google everything. Oh well!

Time for today’s tiny happys:

  • Isla started t-ball yesterday and although it’s more of a skills-building activity she had fun and is happy to be playing “baseball.”
  • We got the proofs back from our Mother/Daughter photo shoot and they turned out great! My mom and I will be sitting down to pick out our favourites at some point this week.
  • Tomorrow I’m cooking (and delivering) a meal for my dear friend who’s recovering from her c-section. I even bought those classy take-out containers with the cardboard lids. Her mom organized this whole meal planning thing via Meal Train and it’s truly brilliant.
  • This past Sunday our family took part in the 20th annual Boogie the Bridge and while I posted my race recap yesterday I’m still so happy with how well we all did! I literally CANNOT EVEN when it comes to stairs, but it’s so worth it :)

What has you happy today?


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