Tiny Happy Tuesday VI


  • My slo-pitch team got together for a practice on Sunday and it was great to be back out on the field. The season officially starts on the 16th and I’m looking forward to another great year of ball.
  • The sun is showing its face more and our backyard has dried up enough for me to put together the climber I found on a local buy/swap Facebook page. The girls loved playing on it so I’m happy I was able to snatch it up!
  • I started a VarageSale page for all the baby stuff I’m purging out of my house. There’s so much to list and while I’m still putting individual items and lots in separate buy/sell Facebook groups it’s nice to have this option as well for friends and/or family.
  • There are a little less than 20 days until the Boogie the Bridge race and I’m nervous/excited for it. Isla will be doing the kid’s 1km “race,” I’ll be doing 5kms, and Kyle will be doing 10kms. Isla’s been looking forward to this one as she gets to “chase” a clown, but I think she’s more excited for the Blackwell Dairy 3km Fun Run as there’s ice cream for her at the finish line ;)

That’s all for today. What’s making you happy?


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