Brussel Sprouts that you’ll love but your child will probably still hate …

… but then they’ll remember you making them THIS way when they’re healthy(ish) adults and want to make them the same way you did.

Growing up I was not a fan of Brussel sprouts. I think I had them once and they were covered in so much cheese sauce that you couldn’t even taste them. I was indeed your typical child and refused to eat them during festive meals.

Then a couple weeks ago Kyle suggested we try roasting them. We need more vegetable variety in our lives, so I figured I’d give it a shot. They turned out great roasted and while Kyle and I really like them, in pure small-child fashion Isla and Norah refused to eat them.

Regardless, I’m going to share my super east method and recipe because I’m actually excited about this one and when one gets excited over Brussel sprouts, you blog that shiz ;)

So, after Preheating your oven to 400°C, wash and trim the ends of the sprouts, removing any funky leaves. Cut them in half length-wise and put them in a medium-sized bowl. Sprinkle on some salt & pepper, then drizzle on about 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and toss everything together until the sprouts are evenly coated. Lay them out on a lined cookie sheet (either aluminum foil or parchment, I didn’t notice a difference) cut side down.


Toss them in the oven and let them roast for about 30 minutes, and then you should have nicely caramelized Brussel sprouts that are actually delicious and nothing like the ones you had as a kid.


No cheese sauce needed here, I swear! I’m now addicted to Brussel sprouts.



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