Weekend Update

This weekend was a mixed bag of emotions: Stress, fun, laughter … it goes on! It went by super fast but thank goodness we have a long weekend coming up. Here’s what went down this past weekend:

{friday} The weather took an unfortunate turn for the worst and the snow started falling mid-morning, super lame because Kyle and I were supposed to be driving down to Langley to visit friends KID FREE. I had an appointment in the morning and then got Isla, Norah and Daphne loaded up right before noon and dropped them all off at my mom’s. The weather was only getting worse, but the mountain pass looked like it was in decent shape to drive through, so away we went! It really wasn’t too bad until we got to the Fraser Valley, and that’s when things started getting a little crazy …


Really, that section of road right before Chilliwack wasn’t too bad, but as soon as we got into the city things started getting crazy: cars in the ditch, heavy snow and the traffic – oh the traffic! It’s a general rule that a lot of people who live in Southern BC don’t have snow tires on their vehicles because the generally don’t get a lot of snowfall, and it really showed as we drove between Chilliwack and Langley. I think our average speed was about 25 km/hr and the roads were just slick with snow and ice. Nightmare! I’m amazed by how well Kyle kept it together.

Thankfully we arrived at our destination safe and sound and we were able to relax, unwind, and have a good visit!

{saturday} The best thing about travelling without kids? I got to sleep in! Sure, I woke up just after 8 am, but when Norah is usually up just after 6 am it was a wonderful change, lol. We had an awesome late breakfast and eventually figured we should pack up and head out since the weather definitely wasn’t getting any better …


Yes, that’s a truck in the ditch to the left.

The roads (again) between Langley and Chilliwack were HORRIBLE. The wind was just howling and in one 200m stretch there were 5 vehicles in the ditch. In only got marginally better outside of Chilliwack, but nothing worth breathing a sigh of relief over. It wasn’t until we got to Merritt that Kyle was able to relax a bit. It was soooo stressful and I’m so thankful that he was able to pull through that mess and get us home safely. Lord knows I couldn’t have. We picked Campbell up from his mom’s place, grabbed a pizza and decompressed at home for a couple of hours before I went down to my mom’s to pick up the girls and Daphne. (Who were all very happy to see me!)

{sunday} We had our “usual” Sunday affairs of laundry and grocery shopping. Norah decided to have a meltdown while we were shopping and was unconsolable unless I was holding her. Thankfully my old coworker took notice of my struggles and got someone to help me out to the truck with all of our groceries, which is the first time I’ve ever accepted an offer for help out. We got home and had some lunch, and Kyle took Norah for a quick drive in the truck so she’d go to sleep for her nap.

Of course, we tuned into the Super Bowl, mostly just for background noise/curiosity’s sake since neither of us pay attention to football, but I also wanted to catch the Halftime Show. Lady Gaga did not disappoint! Kyle made us an amazing roast for dinner and after the dishes were all done it was the usual bedtime routine of baths for the girls. Kyle got a run in on the treadmill since he has his first race of the year coming up next weekend. Fingers crossed the weather turns around a bit!

How was your weekend? Did the groundhog lie about the weather where you are?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you guys drove through that mess for one night!!! You must have reallyyyyy needed the kid free night lol. It looks like it was a good winter for me to move north as I would have had equally crappy weather down south it seems!



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