Weekend Update

Good morning on this glorious Monday! Our weekend was a wonderful balance of busy and lazy!

{friday} Isla, Norah and I headed to Vernon to visit with my dad and his girlfriend for Chinese New Year! While Norah fussed for about half the drive before she passed out, we had a great drive in otherwise! (Hurray for iPads!) We made great time and got there in time for lunch, and we spent the afternoon relaxing before heading out for an Chinese New Year Eve(?) dinner. My aunt even came in from Kelowna, so it was nice to see her as well!

I thought for sure it would take forever for the girls to settle at bedtime, but both Norah and Isla got to sleep with no issues. Mom Win!

{saturday} The girls and I woke up before everyone else, so we hung out in our room and watched movies on the iPad until we heard movement downstairs, lol. My dad made us pancakes for breakfast and we visited some more before getting ready for the drive back home. I also spotted this picture of my paternal grandparents and thought it was pretty neat:



Norah was practically falling asleep during lunch, and I don’t even think we were outside of Vernon’s city boundaries and she was out cold! She slept the entire way home and didn’t wake up until I parked the truck in our driveway – perfect! Isla was excited to see Kyle and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out.

{sunday} Kyle made us pancakes for breakfast and afterwards while Kyle and I were finishing our coffee we spotted our neighbourhood grouse! It’s actually pretty strange for grouse to be so bold and close to people, but it’s been roosting in a tree somewhere behind our house and eating the berries off of the neighbour’s tree. The picture below is from a couple weeks ago, but it’s been pretty neat having it hang out with us for so long!



Kyle and I dropped the girls off at his mom’s and we got to go get groceries kid-free! Ah, to be an adult ;) After that we visited with his mom & stepdad before heading home so Norah could nap. It was a lazy rest of the day and we didn’t get up to much before falling into our evening routine of work-week prep and bedtime!

How was your weekend??

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend. So fun you could hang out with your family for Chinese New Year. I miss Chinese food!!! Good thing Whole30 is over tomorrow.



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