A dog’s dozenth


It’s actually hard for me to believe that Daphne is now 12 years old. If dog years are an actual thing, that would make her 84 in people years. An old lady, indeed.

And like any old lady, she has her days. Most of the time she’s just laying there, observing the household happenings and not saying too much. Getting up is a bit tough, as are stairs, and I’m pretty certain that this winter I’ll have to let her go through the basement door to get to the yard to do her business.

But, beneath her old lady shawl there’s still a bit of a young pup inside her. Like when the doorbell rings. Or when she gets to go for rides in the car. And with the girls? She’s still so patient, even when Norah tries to ride her like a horse.

Yeah, she drives me crazy sometimes too. The shedding? RIDICULOUS. Her breath? Could peel paint off a cruise ship. I still wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

So, here’s to you, Daphner-Dan! Happy Birthday! <3

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