TGIF v.37

A high of the week was Kyle being off for the week and going to visit good friends of ours in our hometown. It had been FOREVER since we had all been together, so it was great to hang out!



Who can say no to this gorgeous sunset?

We had plans to go to the park and take part in the Movie in the Park event, but opted to hang out at “the farm” and have dinner and visit instead. I think it worked out better that way! Isla and Norah had a blast and slept HARD on the way home.

A low of the week was learning that we’re not allowed to chop down a tree in our front yard. The city planted it way back when our area was being developed (2002) but it attracts aphids which attract wasps which is NO GOOD. There are literally THOUSANDS of wasps in this tree because they are feasting on the aphid’s waste (or poop, if you prefer), and that waste is all over our vehicles as well. We want to chop the tree down and replace it with something else, but we’re not allowed to just hack away at it; we have to wait for a city worker to come and “assess” the situation. Ugh.

Also, I stupidly entered my address in wrong on a Zulily order and Canada Post couldn’t get their crap together and find my actually address, so it’s being returned to Zulily’s depot and I’m shit outta luck on my order. At least I’m being refunded? I’m bummed because I was excited for the shirts I ordered for Kyle and Isla. :(

An internet find I loved was this:

If you say “Rise Up Lights” is sounds like “Razor Blades” in an Australian accent.

You know you said that out loud and laughed a little ;)

The best money I spent was on Isla’s new Skip Hop lunch bag. (Which she actually paid for with birthday money but I helped with the difference.) She picked the unicorn and it’s adorable!

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was being able to just let them play and be little while we were visiting our friends. It was great that they were able to play outside and we didn’t have to worry about traffic or strangers or any of that “stuff” that comes along with living in the city.


The song that has been stuck in my head is “Poets” by The Tragically Hip. I’m not even a big Hip fan but with all the hype that their last cross-Canada tour has garnered, it was hard not to get one of their songs stuck in my head.

My meals of the week were:

Monday: Chicken wings in the Actifry
Tuesday: Meatballs
Wednesday: Hamburgers and hot dogs
Thursday: Salmon
Friday: To be determined … Anyone have ideas for me?

And an honourable mention goes to my amazing Eggs Benedict breakfast on Sunday morning ;)

My plans for the weekend are no plans! We’ll probably just relax and enjoy Kyle’s last couple of days off before he heads back to work on Monday.




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