Isla at 4


My dearest Isla,

My, how the past year has flown by! So much has happened since your last birthday, I almost cannot keep track of everything.

Of course, right before your birthday last year you became a BIG SISTER! And what an amazing big sister you’ve been to Norah. You’re so kind and caring towards her, but of course, you two get into fights like any siblings would! Still, I love watching the two of you grow and bond with one another.

You’ve gotten so smart; you love to learn and do so very quickly! Everyone always comments on how smart you are, and Daddy and I both hope that continues as you get older!

You also love to dance. You finished your second year of dance lessons and just loved performing on the “big stage.” You’re already excited for classes to resume in September and I’m looking forward to seeing where dance takes you!

My babes, you’ve taught me so, SO much in these few short years and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings your way. You’ve already filled me with so much pride!

Happy 4th Birthday, my amazing little girl!




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