Reading // “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. I received it for my birthday and I’ve really been enjoying it! I’ll probably finish it in the next day or two.

Watching // So You Think You Can Dance and Masterchef. SYTYCD features kids this season and Isla is really loving it; she’s been following their moves and dancing along with them, which is encouraging! As pricy as dance lessons are, I’m glad that she’s actually enjoying them.

Listening to // Sirius Radio, for the most part, although I just got my iPod all figured out and hooked up to the truck, so I may be downloading some new tunes soon.

Loving // The warmer weather! Kyle took an extra day off on Monday and we headed out the a garden centre to browse and have some ice cream. Isla loved her bubblegum cone ;)


Thinking // A lot about how Norah is going to be one SO soon (2 weeks, exactly) and how sad it kind of makes me. She’s still so much my little baby but she’s growing up so fast. She’s already walking a little bit here and there – months before Isla ever did – and it’s just sad.

Needing // A pedicure. My feet are so gross and I’m tired of looking at my cruddy polish. I haven’t had one since before Norah was born! Shame, shame, shame …

Anticipating // Isla and Norah’s birthday party, and of course, their individual birth days. It’s going to be a busy but fun day!

Looking forward to // The last dance class of the year (which is just for photos), more sunny weather, and more family time!

What are you currently reading, watching and/or anticipating?


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