Thought Dump Thursday

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  • Am I the only parent who doesn’t get emotional over their baby’s immunization needles? I feel like a bit of an arsehole because I don’t get upset or sad if/when they cry after their shots. I swear I love my kids, and I do console them when they get hurt, but getting hurt is a part of growing up! Sometimes things are only a big deal if you make it one – “Mountains out of molehills” if you will – and I’m a firm believer that kids feed off of their parents’ own reactions. If I’m calm regardless of how my baby reacts to her shots, then chances are that she’ll calm down faster as well. Of course, that’s just my belief/opinion and I’m sure it will ruffle the feathers of all kinds of hens …
  • Why do semi-truck drivers have to be such bullies on the road? Sure, I respect their size and all that – you won’t catch me cutting them off and I certainly understand their blindspots – but when they’re barrelling down the road at top speeds and tailgating the crap out of you? Not cool. The other day when I was returning home from the Lower Mainland I was cut off numerous times by truck drivers who were speeding along trying to make their deadlines. It’s no wonder why accidents happen so frequently down there.
    (I will add that I got a good chuckle at a speed trap in a construction zone right before a big hill. We had to slow down to 60km/hr and I can only imagine how choked the truck drivers were because they couldn’t gain speed to tackle the hill. HA!)
  • I love how much my kid loves dance class. She looks forward to it every week and I’m happy to take her. What I don’t love is how I’m asked to put makeup on her for her final recital. SHE’S (barely) 4! I’m sure it’s quite normal and a part of the “dance culture” and whatnot, but I just don’t feel right putting mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick on my 4-year old. She’s going to arrive at her recital with her hair shellacked into place and that’s about it. If the teachers have a problem with it, too bad.
  • On a positive note I want to point out how amazingly stereotypical some of my fellow Canadians were while I was in Vancouver. We got mixed up catching the Skytrain and several helpful people helped us find our way, and when I was having a hard time putting the brakes on Norah’s stroller a nice man held the stroller still so I could get it done without it rolling away. Yay for Canadians! Yay for nice people!


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