Weekend Update

Hello, Monday! Here’s what the Evans household got up to this past weekend!

It was a beauty of a day, so we spent a good chunk of it hanging out in the yard! Isla rode her Power Wheels around, jumped on the trampoline, and played some t-ball while Kyle and I played catch. Norah had an amazing midday nap during all the fun ;)


I most definitely sent this in to America’s Funniest Home Videos!

My mom picked Isla up after work and had her over for supper, so Kyle, Norah and I headed to the mall so I could pick out my early birthday present, a new bat for slo-pitch! We had an awesome Subway dinner in the food court and then headed back home to chill before Isla returned.

Kyle went paintballing in Vernon with a bunch of guys, so it was just the girls and I for most of the day! One of my BFF’s came to visit (her husband was also a part of the paintballing crew) until I had to take Isla to dance lessons. After lessons we came home and had lunch, and I just puttered around the house doing laundry and being lazy. Everyone came back around 4:30-5ish and we threw some hamburgers on the barbecue for dinner. It was an awesome little impromptu visit with our favourite friends!

We had a pretty lazy day for the most part; we watched the Blue Jays game in the morning and just lounged around the house for most of the day. In the afternoon I dropped Isla and Norah off at my mom’s before heading out to play slo-pitch. It felt SO GOOD being out on the field again, even though we lost both games. (We played pretty good for the first games of the season, in our defence!)

Of course, today I’m really feeling those two games and I just hurrrrrrt. It’s a good thing I have nothing going on today, because it’s going to be a lazy one!

How was your weekend? What’s your go-to food court food?


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