Weekend Update

Really, our weekend festivities started on Thursday, when Kyle’s guy friends arrived for a little belated birthday celebration!

While I wanted to surprise him with their visit, the last time I tried to pull the wool over Kyle’s eyes it turned out to be an epic fail so I preplanned it this time around with Kyle’s blessing. They got to our place around dinner time and I barbecued some hamburgers up and the man-talk begun!

The boys went off to the gun range and I stayed at home with the girls and did laundry/played some video games. Priorities, yo. ;) Norah had an epic afternoon nap (2 hours!) so I packed up my bags as the girls and I were going to crash at my mom’s for the night to let the boys have free reign of the house! We had a fairly decent night at my mom’s, although Norah had a bit of a tough time getting to sleep for the evening.


Isla was up at 6 am but thankfully her grandpa was awake, so she hung out and watched cartoons upstairs with him and my mom until Norah and I emerged from our room. We lounged around for the morning until it was time to get Isla ready to go to dance. My mom watched Norah while I took Isla, so I even got a kid-free grocery shopping trip in! When lessons were done, we headed back to my mom’s for lunch and took in some of the “valley” warm weather and sunshine! While there’s still a butt-load of snow at my house up on the hill, my mom’s tulips & crocuses are already starting to bloom. Jealous!


I eventually got all our crap packed up and we headed home. The house was all in one piece and it was nice to see my husband again! Since it was so gorgeous we decided to “celebrate” the weather with some Slurpees from 7-Eleven. We had a lazy evening since Isla was a bit cranky from being overtired and watched some PVR’d stuff before heading to bed.

Kyle and I registered for a big walk/run that’s happening at the end of April! He’s going to do the 10K and I’m sticking with the 5K. We figured if we register now we have more motivation to actually do it! (Especially me, ha.) Kyle headed out for a run, and I stuck around the house with the girls. Norah fought her afternoon nap and didn’t really sleep, so she was super cranky by bedtime. Thankfully she went down for the night with ease and Kyle and I watched part of a movie on TV before turning in for the night.

How was your weekend?




2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. That sounds like a fun weekend! I’m debating signing up for a Mother’s Day run – and asking Nathan to do it with me. We do much better when we can hold each other accountable! And it gives me lots of time to train. Or procrastinate …

    I can’t believe there are already tulips in your part of the country. It snowed all night last night … I was beginning to think spring was just around the corner but now I’m not so sure!



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