Thought Dump Thursday

USE THIS ONE Thought Dump Button

First off, check out my new button for Thought Dump Thursday! My brother, who just so happens to be a pretty great graphic designer by trade, made up this graphic for me and I can’t thank him enough! If you had seen the rough sketch I gave him on Instagram, he did a pretty good job interpreting what I wanted. Thank you, little bro!!

Now, onto the dumping on my thoughts …

  • While I think about her a lot to begin with, my grandma has been on my mind more that usual lately. The anniversary of her passing is approaching and the month leading to the date always leaves me feeling like there’s a storm cloud hanging over my head in some way. I miss her so much like crazy and I always wish for the month of March to come and go as fast as possible because it was so hard on everyone.
  • I’m a huge believer that a fed baby is the best baby, not the whole “breast is best” BS that gets shoved down your throat as soon as you baby exits the birth canal. I understand that some women struggle big time with nursing and producing their own milk and that it’s a huge hit to them emotionally when they just can’t feed their baby “nature” intended them to. I don’t judge women I don’t know for formula feeding their babies because I don’t know the reason why they’re doing so to begin with.
  • Why does every potential house that comes onto the market have a bloody suite? Kyle and I are always browsing real estate and it’s annoying when we see a great house pop up in a great neighbourhood with a decent price tag and it has a stinkin’ suite in the basement. ANNNNND half the time it would take a LOT of work to uninstall said suite. Dear homeowners: If you NEED to have a suite in your basement to afford your mortgage, you’re buying outside of your means. That is all.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people in North America who did NOT watch the Oscars. I tuned into about 5 minutes of the red carpet and that was it. I also don’t care about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar “finally.”
  • And I’ll end today’s post with a simple, Donald Trump: WTH? Just goes to show the power of fear mongering.

What thoughts would you like to dump today?

2 thoughts on “Thought Dump Thursday

  1. I love the button! I didn’t watch the Oscars either … I rarely watch awards shows, since I have no clue who most of the people up for the awards are! I’m getting old ;)



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