TGIF v.28

A high of the week was that it was Family Day in BC on Monday, so that meant that Kyle had an extra day off and a short, three-day work week!

A low of the week was Norah barfing down my shirt. That’s always fun. Also, Isla finished up her swimming lessons but didn’t pass onto the next level. :( I thought for sure she would and I’m bummed for her, but she did have a lot of fun and she did progress a LOT during her 10 lessons.

An internet find I loved was this video of a t-rex on a trampoline:

The best money I spent was on a new pen for my day planner. (How lame does that make me sound?) It’s one of those pens that has four different ink tubes and you can switch from one colour to another. I’m pretty excited about it and my planner is going to be sooo much easier to read.

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was Norah pulling herself up to standing on Wednesday. I can’t remember what I was doing, but I looked over and there she was!


That look on her face is hilarious and totally sums up her determination.

The song that has been stuck in my head is “Pony” by Ginuwine. I totally blame Lip Sync Battle. Man, I miss the 90’s.

My meals of the week were:
Monday: Ham dinner at Kyle’s mom’s
Tuesday: Jambalaya
Wednesday: Meatloaf with mashed potatoes & stir fried green beans
Thursday: Homemade Shake & Bake chicken

My plans for the weekend are a quick doctor appointment for Norah today, nothing on Saturday, and on Sunday Kyle is running his first road race (a 10k one to boot!), so the girls and I are going to be cheering for him at the finish line! 

What was your favourite meal of the week? What are your weekend plans?

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