{Day in the Life} 08/17/15

4 am: Norah wakes up and wants to nurse, so I turn off the baby monitor and head to her room to feed her. After a burp and a diaper change, I’m back in bed by 4:45 and don’t even hear Kyle get up for work at 5:20. He kisses me goodbye around 5:45 and I fall back to sleep.

7 am: Norah squalks a little bit over the baby monitor, so I decide to get up and see if I can wolf down some cereal before she really starts fussing. I pour myself some coffee and am about to pour some cereal when Isla wakes up, so my attention diverts to her. I get her some cereal, wolf my own down, and by 7:30 Norah is getting pretty upset that I haven’t come to feed her. Isla finished her breakfast as well, so I get her settled with some cartoons and head to Norah’s room to feed her.

8:20 am: Norah finishes eating and has fallen back to sleep, so I finish my coffee and hop into the shower.

9 am: I’m done showering and by 9:30 Isla and I are both dressed and ready for the day. A few minutes later, Norah wakes up, so I get her changed and dressed for the day.

10 am: We head out to the toy store! My aunt had sent both of the girls gift cars for Toys R Us, with instructions to go and let Isla pick something out for herself and her little sister. Isla had a blast pushing the little shopping card up and down all the aisles and picking something out for herself and Norah. I think she only got distracted a handful of times ;) Isla picked out a MagnaDoodle and some pencil crayons for herself, and a tummy time pillow and a new soother leash for Norah.


11 am: We’re finally done at the toy store, so we head home as Norah’s due to eat any time. I manage to take the above photo and unbox all of the toys before Norah really starts chirping me to eat.

12:30 pm: After a few distractions, Norah is finished nursing and I get lunch heated up for Isla and wonder what I’m going to make myself.

1:30 pm: I finally settle on just some leftover pasta from Saturday and Greek salad dressing for lunch. I toss some fresh tomatoes into my bowl to make it seem healthier. I put together some barbecue sauce on the stove for dinner later since it seems like I have a moment to myself. I plunk myself on the couch to watch some Incredible Dr. Pol and America’s Next Top Model (don’t judge!) while holding Norah and eating at the same time because Motherhood = Multitasking ;)

4:30 pm: It’s time for Norah to eat (again!) so I assume the position on the couch again. She eats and spits up all over me and the couch. Fun!

5:30 pm: I get dinner started. Tonight it’s sausages, pasta and broccoli! Not gourmet, but not out of a box either, with the exception of the pasta sauce. At least it’s all natural? Kyle texts me letting me know he’s on his way home from work, and I text back and forth with him while making dinner and keeping Isla from pestering her sister.

6:15 pm: Kyle’s home from work. Dinner is done right as the barbecue runs out of propane. Whew! I manage to get Norah down for a little nap and I’m able to eat dinner before she wakes up.

7 pm: Norah wakes up from her cat nap and I want to give her a bath, so I take her to her room to get ready. While I’m in there, I hear a crash and shatter in the kitchen, and Isla had somehow (she wouldn’t tell us how) knocked a glass onto the floor. Luckily Kyle had just came back into the house after mowing the front lawn, so he steps in to clean up the glass while I bathe Norah.

7:30 pm: Norah’s all done her bath and in her pajamas and is starting to get hungry, but she seems content enough with her soother and rocking in the glider. Kyle got Isla ready for bed, so soon she comes to say goodnight and Kyle reads her her bedtime story. (The Very Hungry Zombie, haha.) I chat with my mom on the phone for a bit until Norah starts to really get fussy around 8:15, so I feed her and start to get her settled for bed.

9:30 pm: Norah took her sweet time falling asleep, but she’s finally down for the count so I join Kyle in the living room and watch some TV with him for a bit before it’s time to head to bed. I realized I didn’t finished up with this post, so I decide to do it in the morning, if/when I have some free time ;)

10 pm: Bedtime!

How was your Monday?? Mine sounds pretty boring, really, now that I reread this post …


3 thoughts on “{Day in the Life} 08/17/15

  1. That sounds like a pretty full day to me! Our Monday was actually pretty busy this week, since Topher had a swimming lesson and we had to pick up my new (to me!) car. Ellie and I spent over an hour at the registry waiting for the dealership to e-mail them a copy of the bill of sale – she thought it was “SO fun, Mommy!” but it’s definitely not an experience I’d like to go through again!


  2. You are busy busy! I can only imagine how busy it is having a toddler and a newborn, at least it sounds like Isla can be pretty helpful with Norah sometimes. Love the picture of them with their toys, Isla looks so proud :)


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