Moments of Motherhood: Real men don’t (or shouldn’t) care

After taking a break from my Moments of Motherhood column to focus on my temporary job/parenting a toddler, I’ve decided to make a return. I may not write as frequently as I did before, but the open invitation to contribute as often as I like is wonderful. Thanks, Mel, for having me back!

In today’s column, I discuss how real men don’t care about what a woman’s body goes through during and after pregnancy — in a good way.

Here’s a snippet:

Every choice we make in life should be one that is made from a conscious decision. We choose career paths based on passion, not the paycheck it promises; we’re friends with those who make us smile and laugh, not because we’re desperate for attention; and we fall in love with the person who loves us for who we are on the inside, not for what we look like on the outside.

As cliché as the last point may be, it perhaps rings the truest, especially when all the major life events happen after you marry whoever that person is. The marriage vow of “for better or worse” is truly tested after we make the decision, whether conscious or not, to have children.

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