Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had an excellent Easter weekend and didn’t indulge too much in the Easter chocolate. We had a lovely weekend, both productive and busy!

Kyle’s sister was visiting for the weekend so we went down to his mom’s place for Easter dinner. I baked an apple pie for dessert, partly because I was just in the mood to bake a pie and I figured if I took one down to share with everyone it would save me from eating the entire thing myself. Basically, I took everyone down with my pregnancy craving ;)

Kyle and I had ordered a new bed for Isla a couple of weeks ago, so we figured we better get her some new furniture to match. (Her old stuff is going back into the nursery for Baby N.) We already had redone a bookshelf for her room, so it was a matter of getting furniture to match that colour. We ended up buying the Aulum dresser & nightstand from Jysk:

Aulum dresser from Jysk

Kyle put the nightstand together and it took forever (partly because Isla insisted on “helping”), so we’ll probably put the dresser together this weekend. We wanted to spend some time outside, but the weather was so wishy-washy, we ended up hanging out inside.

After Isla went to bed the Easter Bunny got to work, filling baskets and hiding eggs …

AKA – EASTER! The Easter Bunny arrived early in the morning and Isla was very excited to see her basket waiting for her! She doesn’t quiet understand Easter as much as she “gets” Christmas, but she’ll figure it out. The Easter Bunny brought her The Jungle Book on DVD, a new dress, a giant Kinder Surprise egg, Paw Patrol bubble bath, and a couple of puzzles. After she emptied her basket of goodies, we told her that there were eggs hidden in the living room. Once she learned that there was chocolate inside the plastic eggs it didn’t take long for her to hunt them all down.


My mom stopped by around lunchtime since the Easter Bunny “stopped” at her house with goodies for Isla, so Isla was spoiled some more with more chocolate and other goodies! (Stickers, pencils, a notepad, socks!) AND THEN later on that afternoon my dad stopped by with even MORE goodies for Isla – puzzles, CHOCOLATE, colouring books … this kid is so lucky! Needless to say, we all headed outside to burn off some of that chocolate-induced sugar buzz! We also went down to Kyle’s mom again to visit with his sister & play some bean bag before she headed back home on Monday. Kyle & I dominated and won all three games – Woo!

After Isla went to bed we FINALLY got around to watching the season finale of The Walking Dead. It had been sitting on our PVR for a week, so I was happy to finally be able to watch it! All I’ll say is – “Hmm …” It will be interesting to see what happens next season!

Kyle had to work but my mom was off, so we headed to Ashcroft to visit my Grandpa and Helen. We stopped at Kyle & I’s old place of employment, which had been closed for a few years but opened back up last year after new owners took it over. It was so surreal being back there and even seeing some familiar faces working behind the counter. We had a lot of great memories working there, so it was great to see it doing well again. I bought some local honey, as well as an apple pie and a loaf of herb bread. Really, I could have bought SO much more, but refrained. I’ll just have to go back to sample some more products ;)

We had a really nice visit with my Grandpa & Helen, and even though the weather wasn’t all that great, that didn’t stop Isla from “winning” a visit to the park right below the house. We didn’t stay for too long, but Isla seemed content with the amount of play time she got.


We headed back later in the afternoon since Isla’s new big-girl bed was being delivered around 6pm! She looks so tiny in her new bed, but she absolutely loves it! And it’s nice to actually be able to sit on her bed with her for her bedtime story instead of on the floor.


The only crumby thing is that Kyle and I told the “bed guy” that the mattress we were buying was going to be 11″ thick, so he made the gap in the headboard to reflect that height. We ended up buying a different, slightly thinner, mattress, and so it the gap is a little bigger that it should be. So far, no pillows have been lost behind the bed, so we’ll see how it goes.

Now we’re back to “reality” today, with dance class later on this morning, errands to run, and more baking to do. I woke up with a huge knot in my shoulder, so a trip to the chiropractor is definitely in order as well sometime this week.

How was your Easter Weekend?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! We spent two days visiting my sister and her family in Cochrane and I spent the other two days working! Topher was on spring break all week last week so he’s still adjusting to being back on a regular schedule. Good times! Isla looks SO tiny in her big girl bed! We’re switching Ellie this weekend (though her “big girl bed” is just her crib turned into a day bed) and I’m dreading it because I know she’s not going to stay in bed!


  2. Aww love your easter pictures. That is what makes me most excited about having kids – holidays!!

    Also I feel like Isla looks so big and grown-up in all the pictures on your blog and social media so I’m always surprised when I run into you guys in person and I’m reminded how small she is :)



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