Weekend Update

Let me just start off by saying that I’m shocked by the ridiculously amazing weather we’ve been having in BC lately. I’m loving the sunshine and feel so bad about those of you back east who are experiencing a deep freeze right now!

Kyle picked up an overtime shift at work, so Isla got to hang out at Grandma’s house for an extra day this week. She certainly didn’t complain as she really enjoys going there during the week while I’m at work! I was feeling super lazy when it came to cooking but had a big batch of leftover chili frozen in the freezer, so dinner was as easy as pulling it out in the morning before work and tossing it onto the stove come dinner time. You know how something taste better as left overs? This chili definitely lands in that category!

Saturday has a bit of a back story: A couple weeks ago I thought of a grand idea of inviting one of Kyle’s friends up as an early birthday surprise (said friend has to work on his actual birthday). We had it all planned out for them to go to the gun range and Kyle didn’t know what was going on. Well on Tuesday Kyle comes home from work and says to me that there’s a major shut down at work and there’s a good chance of overtime on the weekend. I suppose my face said it all, because I ended up having to spill the beans Cullen coming to visit. It worked out so that Kyle didn’t wind up working OT, but still – surprises are NOT my forte!

That being said, we had friends come stay with us Saturday! Kyle and Cullen went to the gun range while I wandered around Costco with my mom & step-dad for part of the morning, and Clara (Cullen’s SO), tackled her to-do list on her own. Isla had actually woken up that morning with a snotty nose and a fever, so other than Costco, most of the day was dedicated to making sure she got enough rest and that her fever didn’t climb too high.


We/Kyle tossed burgers on the barbecue for dinner (again – warm weather perks!) and Clara had baked delicious raspberry-strawberry filled chocolate “zombie” cupcakes to celebrate Kyle’s early birthday! They were SO good!


I ended up going to bed early because I wasn’t feeling great and was tired from waking up at 6 a.m. (Boo to my inner alarm clock.)

It was a rather “normal” Sunday, with the exception of Isla sleeping until 9 a.m. Normally she’s up around 7-7:30 but since she’s sick and was up for an hour around 3 a.m., she needed the rest. I was up at 7 anyway, Kyle got up around 8, and everyone else emerged around 9. We had a laidback morning and I eventually headed to Jysk for a curtain rod and to the grocery store for my normal Sunday shopping routine.

Cullen and Clara headed home around 2pm, so Kyle, Isla and I decided to get some Vitamin D and headed out into the yard. Isla was feeling pretty good (seriously – nothing slows this kid down!) and she jumped on the trampoline for a while before the sun was hidden behind the trees and the backyard lacked sunlight. We went for a little stroll through the neighbourhood before coming into the house, where Isla watched a movie and Kyle and I just chilled before making dinner. (Butter chicken!)

Showing us the "Gun Show!"

Showing us the “Gun Show!”

I skipped watching the Oscars and we watched The Walking Dead instead. I’m not sure how I feel about this season so far, but I’m interested in seeing how everything pans out.

That’s pretty much my weekend in a nutshell! Nothing overly exciting, but it was still really enjoyable! Isla’s still got a bit of a fever but she slept a LOT better last night than the night before, so I think she’s getting better. Next weekend should be just as good since it’s Kyle’s ACTUAL birthday on Saturday and we have more company coming to visit us!

How was your weekend? Are you having awesome, awful or just mediocre weather?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. How many new episodes of the walking dead have there been now?? I need to catch up but I’m waiting for a few episodes to come out so I can binge watch!

    Our weather has been AMAZING but I have this strong feeling that we are going to pay for it with a huge dump of snow in March. I don’t know why but I just feel like that’s going to happen!


    • Oh, I totally have that feeling too! That’s why my winter tires are staying put on until April, no jumping the gun here!!

      I think we’re 3 episodes into the new season now. I’m not sure how many there are this season, but binge away when ready!


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! We had a couple of mild days but now we’re back to hovering close to -20. I keep telling myself spring is coming but I don’t know if I really believe it!



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