Week in the Life: Friday

Morning // My alarm goes off at 7 am and Isla wanders in seconds afterwards to greet Kyle and I. I crawl out of bed after she nags me to get out of bed, and ask what she’d like for breakfast. This morning it’s eggs and a banana, so I happily oblige. (Although she did ask for waffles, but we don’t have any.) Kyle puts some cartoons on for her so we can hop in the shower, and then he heads outside to shovel the driveway. It was -12 and WINDY AND SNOWING. WTF, weather? Yesterday you were +8 and melty. When he’s done doing that we head downtown for our chiropractor appointments, then we stop off at the notary’s office to sign the paperwork for the sale of our townhouse. (Yay!) We also make a stop at a furniture store since they were advertising recliners on sale for Black Friday, but they weren’t exactly what we were looking for. We grabbed some Subway for lunch and headed home!


Afternoon // Isla had a nap and Kyle and I discussed what we’d like to do with the bit of money we were going to earn from the sale of the townhouse. We can’t decide if we should do something practical, like buy new appliances or have a patio installed in the summer, or just be reckless with it and spend it on wishlist items. We also ended up having power naps (I blame the cold weather), and Isla woke us up just after 3 pm. We managed to get up enough energy to make a quick trip down to Costco since I forgot a new items when I was there earlier in the week, and ended up having an early dinner in the food court. (Poutine for me, chicken strips and fries for Kyle and Isla!)

10678714_10154893216040297_3824207600447459458_n 2Evening // Since Isla didn’t have much to eat at Costco, we made her something better (and healthier) to eat. Kyle plays with her for a little bit after she’s done eating and I work on this blog post some more. I tag in and Isla and I watch some cartoons on the couch – Madagascar Christmas – and soon enough it’s time to get her ready for bed! After I get her to bed Kyle and I decide to watch The Town. It’s about -25°C/-13°F outside with the wind chill so it’s the perfect evening to just be cozy on the couch! (Although Daphne didn’t seem to care AT ALL about the temperature. Crazy dog!) Once the movie is over we head to bed as I’m sure we’ll end up having a busy Saturday!

How was your Friday? What are your plans for the weekend??

2 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Friday

  1. Can you do half and half with your extra money? Whenever we come into extra money (like tax returns and etc.) I like to use half of it for fun and put half in savings!



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