Week in the Life: Thursday

Morning // Isla comes in my room around 7:15 and says to me in a panicky voice that she needs to pee. She has a diaper on, but I jump out of bed to get her on the potty so she can keep her dry-diaper track record. Unfortunately, as soon as I take her diaper off and before I get her on the potty, she starts peeing and it’s all over the floor (and me). Wonderful. I clean up that whole mess and let Campbell out for a pee. When I let him in, I don’t notice that Isla has her fingers in the hinge side of the door and I pinch her fingers pretty badly. She cries, I feel awful, so it’s hugs, kisses and whatever she wants for breakfast. She chooses toast with peanut butter and jam, princess yogurt (which is a Minigo yogurt with Disney princesses on the container), and half a banana. I ease my guilt I make her chocolate milk instead of serving up regular milk. I make myself a cup of coffee (totally need this today), and a bagel, and sit down to catch up on social media, blogs, and finish yesterday’s post. My body hurrrrts from shovelling all that snow yesterday and I’m pretty sure a hot shower will make it feel a little better. I also had grand plans of taking Isla to a drop-in art session at the art gallery downtown, but I feel pretty rotten and stuffed up from this damn cold, so I decide we should probably stay home so I don’t pass my germs onto other parents and kids. Instead, I pull out Isla’s fort and she plays in there while I catch up on the PRV – Masterchef Junior and Dogs of War.

Afternoon // I pulled out some homemade chicken and rice soup from the freezer and heat it up for lunch for Isla and I. When she goes down for her nap I head outside and do the glamorous chore of picking up dog poop since tomorrow is garbage day. Then I come back inside and finish up the freelance work I started yesterday before Isla wakes up. When she wakes up from her nap we have a snack (pretzels and juice!) and go downstairs to play some more.

Evening // Kyle gets home and we have tacos for dinner! It’s also bath night for Isla, so I get her in the tub and she shows off how she “swims.” Once she’s bathed, dried and has her jammies on, it’s time for a story (Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s), and bedtime. Kyle’s in desperate need for a head shave, so we bust out the hair clippers and do his hair in the kitchen sink. While he’s showering, Isla wanders out of her room, so I put her back to bed. She wanders out again about 15 minutes later, and this time when I put her back to bed she stays there. Not too sure what that’s all about, but I think it may have something to do with a scary scene of a movie that she caught on TV. Kyle and I bunker down on the couch and watch a bit of Robocop on TV before going to bed at 10:30.


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