Project 365: July 20-26

July 20: Kids, kids, kids! Fun at a birthday bash! (It was also super easy to find Isla in the sea of blondies, lol!) ♦ July 21: Getting in touch with her Asian heritage, even if it just means stabbing her potsticker with the chopstick. ♦ July 22: My old gal.♦ July 23: A crayon (or two) for every limb.♦ July 24: Snuggle time with Mr. C.♦ July 25: Being an adult means getting excited for this kind of stuff.♦ July 26: Carpet apparently goes down easier when the AC is off. So, that’s the temperature of my house for today.

View the whole series here

2 thoughts on “Project 365: July 20-26

  1. I love that picture of Isla colouring – so creative :) Ellie’s just discovered colouring but she colours her teeth more than anything. I really should pay more attention, eh?



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