Project 365: July 13-19

July 13: Another pool day! ♦ July 14: Selfies and giggles. ♦ July 15: Hot dogs. ♦ July 16: Sushi lunch with Grandpa. ♦ July 17: My lunch really spoke to me today. ♦ July 18: Bare stairs of doom. (More house reno’s have begun!)  July 19: Bachelorette party selfie. I may be slightly skeptical of my shoe choice for the night.

View the whole series here

2 thoughts on “Project 365: July 13-19

  1. For some reason, your blog and email aren’t linked to your comments. Finally found your blog, so stopping by to leave a comment :) What renovations are you doing to your house?


    • That’s super strange! I’ll have to see what’s up the next time I comment :)

      We’re having the carpet replaced on our stairs and in our bedrooms. The old stuff was horrible and thrashed, so I’m excited for new carpet! (The things you look forward to when you’re an adult!)



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