Listy Friday

– I’m finding very hard to resist decorating for Christmas! Just a couple more weeks until I can go crazy! At least I can satisfy my urges with Christmas shopping. I’ve already crossed two people off of my list! Go me!

– I’m having a really hard time trying to think of something to get Kyle for Christmas. Part of my problem is that his present to me (my awesome Macbook!) is so epic that it’s going to be nearly impossible to 1-up. The other problem is that I’m not exactly rolling in the cash-money pile since I’m on maternity leave, so really, it’s kind of like he’s buying his own present, except he won’t know what it is. I have a couple ideas, but we’ll see how they pan out.

– How is it already the middle of November? I don’t even know.

– You know what the saddest moment is? When you go to have a sip of your coffee but forget that you’ve already drank it all. When you see your mug is empty, it’s the saddest thing.

– I think Isla is starting to teethe. She’s been chewing on EVERYTHING lately and she’s been super cranky come nap/bedtime, but I just don’t see anything going on in her gums. It’s kind of frustrating, but oh well.

– Our family photo session was post-poned yet AGAIN last week because of the craptastic weather we’ve been having. It’s finally going to happen next week, except instead of family photos it’s going to be an Isla-only Christmas themed in-studio session. It should be fun and will make for super cute Christmas cards to send out. Which reminds me – Want to be on my Christmas card list? You can email me your mailing address to kara[at]karaschatter[dot]com and I’ll happily send you a Christmas card!

– Have I mentioned how in love I am with my Macbook? Seriously – LOVE! No longer will my fingers be confused switching from Mac to PC when I go back to work. No longer do I have to wait a zillion hours for movies to preload before I can watch them.

– 10 years ago on Sunday, Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend and I said “Yes.” Best decision of my life :)

That’s it for today! Have a happy Friday, everyone!


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