Winning at Pinning v.2

Time for another edition of Winning at Pinning!
(Pinterest version will link to the original pin)

Red velvet chocolate chip cookies

Pinterest version:

My version:

I’m pretty sure I did something wrong, because mine look like little rusty-coloured hockey pucks. And they tasted just “okay.” I was expecting something a bit more rich. Not too sure if I’ll try these ones again.

Bacon corn chowder

Pinterest version:

My version:

This soup is SOOOO good – and SO quick & easy to make too! I added about a cup or so of cheese for a little extra flavour and OMG – So good! I’ve already made it a couple more times. Definitely one to keep making for years to come!

Christmas wall art

Pinterest version:

My version:

I really, really loved this idea when I seen it! What is it? A piece of foam board wrapped in Christmassy fabric for pinning your Christmas cards to! Such a more attractive way to display them since mine usually fall from wherever I put them. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, considering I don’t consider myself a crafty person AT ALL. Hell, I even went out (well, Kyle went out) and bought a hot glue gun!

It’s hard not to want to make ALL OF THE THINGS I find on Pinterest, especially with Christmas just around the corner! I’m sure I’ll find a few more inspirational things to try and make in the future.

What are you Pinning and Winning?

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