I Love Christmas

Seriously. LOVE IT. I know … It’s not even the middle of November yet, but I’m feeling the Christmas love. Why, do you ask? Well, for one, it started snowing like mad yesterday, my neighbours have started turning their Christmas lights on at night (not that I’m going to yet, but it’s nice knowing that we won’t be the first house on the block to do so) ANNNND Kyle gave me my Christmas present super early. What is it? Well, if you don’t have me on Facebook, he bought me this:

A shiny, new Macbook Pro! OMG! Best husband ever? I think so! I’ve been whining about my computer sucking majorly lately, and I have a love of all things pretty, and well, hipsterish, so voilà!

I’m such a lucky girl :)

5 thoughts on “I Love Christmas

  1. Ah! So pretty :) We used to put our tree up the first week of November but with Topher – we wait until December. Between him and the dog, the tree wouldn’t have any needles, lights, or ornaments left if we put it up any earlier!


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