Listy … Monday?

– Halloween was last week and it went fairly well! I was worried about having to nurse Isla in the middle of doorbell ringing, but her schedule for the day worked out so she ate just before it all started. Whew! We got 99 trick or treaters at the door and we probably would have had more but I had to turn the lights out around 8:15 since Isla needed her “bedtime snack.”

– I dressed her up as a little pumpkin. I wanted to get her a cute costume, but opted for a cozy onesie instead. Next year we’ll do something more special, since I’ll probably take her trick or treating.

– We’re finally going to have our family photos done this Friday. We were supposed to have them done a couple weeks ago, but got rained out. So far the forecast for Friday is looking okay, so fingers crossed!

– Kyle put our Christmas lights up on Friday! This is the first time we’ve put any up, so I’m pretty excited to start turning them on come December. Last year it was already too snowy to put them up and we never bothered with the townhouse, so yay Christmas lights! I’ll start turning them on December 1, the same day I plan to decorate the house for Christmas :)

– Can someone please explain to me what BB cream is? Apparently it’s the “greatest thing” but I have no idea …

– I went to a craft fair yesterday. Apparently I’m an 80-year-old woman.

– Last week I helped my Grandpa buy himself a new laptop. I’m glad I went with him, because the sales guy was trying to sell him a ridiculously overkilled unit for a couple hundred outside of his price range. Douche! We got him a mid-range PC that will work just fine. I’m quite pleased with myself for telling the sales guy to get bent.

– I re-potted my ficus plant on Friday and Kyle’s certain that it’s going to die as a result, mostly because I suck at keeping plants alive. But this little fella is a trooper! He’s survived four moves, so I think he’ll be just fine :)

– Kyle and I went out for dinner – with Isla – for the first time since she was born. Isla did pretty good! She got a little fussy because she was tired, but she eventually fell asleep. It felt awesome to go out and eat dinner at a restaurant.

That’s it – Happy Monday!



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