Listy Friday

– The other day while taking Isla for a stroll with my Mom, we walked past a house with a pallet – A PALLET – of Girl Guide cookies in the garage. Why I didn’t steal 2 or 3 or ALL OF THE BOXES baffles my mind. Talk about will power! Regardless, if that little girl comes to my door offering cookies, she better believe I will buy whatever money I have will get me.

– The first thing to be put into my beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer was not something to be baked, but mashed! Kyle and I decided to mash potatoes with it for our dinner the other night. While it worked wonderfully (they were more like whipped potatoes, which is even better), it was a little overkill. We’ll just stick with the hand masher for now!

– I could probably write a whole blog post about (I probably will in the future), but I’m really irritated by those pushing for breed-specific legislation for “dangerous” dogs. I just wish people would open their minds and do their research thoroughly before wanted to ban an entire breed of dog because of a small number of isolated incidents. *sigh*

– You know how ingrown hairs kind of hurt? Well, ingrown EYELASHES hurt even more! I thought it was a sty (yuck, I know) but I looked closer and it was an EYELASH. Owe, owe, owe, especially when you try to put contact lenses in. Not happening. Oh – and don’t try to “fix” it, because the rim of your eyelid will bleed and you’ll look like some kind of crazy person. Words of the wise, people. Words of the wise …

– I was Facebook lurking a couple days ago and came across a video/story of a doctor who really finds out what labour is like for a woman, pain-wise. It’s quite hilarious, so if you have a spare 10 minutes, you should probably watch the video. Look, here’s a link!

– Sometimes, when I’m in the mall it wherever shopping, I get uber annoyed by the teenaged girls and their mannerisms (OMG, like, totally, tee-hee). Then I remember that I now have a daughter and that may be her in the future. I hope she’s a total nerd so I don’t have to hate myself for hating on teenagers today.

– Isla and I made our television debute on Wednesday! Back in July, I was approached by one of our local TV stations to be on a segment of a show about parenting. I got to talk about being a mom and blogging with a baby! It was pretty fun and awesome to see. Isla was still so tiny in the segment too, since she was only about a month old. Here’s the video:

– For the past 2 years Kyle and I have been using a Tassimo machine to provide us with delicious caffine in the mornings. Because t-discs aren’t exactly cheap (about $7 for a pack of 14) and we each have a cup of coffee a day, it was starting to get costly. To save money, we’ve switched back to using our regular-drip coffee machine, and let me tell you, the wait for coffee in the morning is AGONIZING! I would hit the “Go” button on the Tassimo machine before I get Isla ready to eat and then in seconds, have my coffee ready to sip while I nurse her. Now? It takes forever! I’ll just have to remember to turn the programming feature on so it’s ready when I get up in the morning.

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful weekend!


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