Friends in {No} Places

You know that Garth Brooks song, Friends in Low Places? Yeah you do, don’t deny it. Anyway, I have friends in no places, or really, faraway places. And it sucks.

While I would generally categorize myself as a homebody, I did enjoy going out with my girl friends when we all lived in the same city. Now everyone is all moved away and I have a baby and well, it’s harrrrd. Life’s little changes have made me quite the loner. I sit at home with my kidlet and we watch the garbage on TV. (If she  becomes an overweight couch potato it’s totally my fault) My non-mom friends (who make up the majority of my friends) can’t really relate to my life now. It really is true that you don’t know what it’s like to be a mom until you become one yourself.  Its hard to be around my non-mom friends without whining about kid things, because most of the time they’ll just react all, “Oh, I’m sure that’s normal …”, not really having any input at all.

Why don’t I join mom groups, you ask? Well, because nothing is more boring than babies who just sit there. Isla isn’t quite at the age where she’ll interact with other babies, I don’t think. She can’t sit up on her own, and I’m not about to sit there with her in my lap and talk to other women about diapers, poop and baby burping methods. In fact, I was the only mom in my prenatal class that checked the “No” box for the “Please share my email address and phone number with others in today’s class.” Introvert, FTW. Building on that, I’m definitely not into forced socialization either. Nothing is more awkward to me than going around in a circle and saying, “Hi, my name is Kara, this is Isla. She’s x months old and we love to go for walks on the beach and watch garbage television at night.”

Of course, when the occasional time comes up when I can go out and socialize, I have to consider Isla’s life as well. Will I have to feed her? Is she going to have to have a million things in her diaper bag? Do I have to lug her around in her car seat or should I pack up the stroller? Gone are the days of random trips to Walmart, the movies or nights out dancing. I even have to think about the last time Isla ate before I take up an offer on an icy cold drinky-poo. In fact, I’ve only had two alcoholic beverages since giving birth.

I’m sure I’ll be broken of my hermitness eventually once Isla is old enough to actually interact with others more. I am looking forward to taking her to the water park, the wildlife park, swimming and all the other fun things to do in town. Eventually I’ll join playgroups and be social, but for now, I’m content just hanging out with my little girl on my own.


4 thoughts on “Friends in {No} Places

  1. I love just hangin with Molly too. I hate it when people say “you should join xxx so you can meet other moms!”. Why is that suddenly a requirement? I’m lucky though, that my sister is on mat leave and only lives 15 min from me. Visiting her (where I can easily breast feed) satisfies my outing needs!


  2. I feel the same way. I avoid baby play dates because it’s boring and I hardly relate to the other moms who have walking talking toddlers.. I am always paranoid as to what chase will do in public and have to plan my trips according to his breast feeding/nap schedule. I baby wear him the majority of the time which forces me to pack his diaper bag lightly!


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