Brain Rot

Newsflash: There are downsides to being on maternity leave, and no, it’s not having your life revolve around the demands of someone who poops their pants every few hours. It’s the lack of quality television. Seriously. I find myself watching the most ridiculous shows. In fact, I’m now addicted to some ridiculous shows. Shows that I wouldn’t necessarily watch if I were still at work, but I watch them because there’s NOTHING else to do while you’re nursing. (Other than read books on my eReader, except I’m out of books on that)

Here’s a little list of the brain-rotting goodness I’ve been recording on my PVR to watch during the day:

Honey Boo Boo: Seriously, what is WITH this family?!? I didn’t think a family could be so hillbilly/redneck until I watched this show. They can’t be real, can they? And why do they complain about it being hot in Georgia when they were long-sleeve shirts and pants all the time! GAH! This show has gotten to me so badly that I even dreamed about it one night:

I’m not even kidding. Apparently that’s how she carried all her kids around. Anyway – I’m proud to say that I haven’t become addicted to Toddlers and Tiaras. Hell-to-the-no. That show just makes me mad.

America’s Next Top Model: I’ll admit that this show is a little guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve watched it for a few years now, mostly because I enjoy the photoshoot portion of the competition. This cycle/season, however? Awful. It’s a “College edition”, so all the girls are more annoying than usual, especially this one girl named Victoria who has this weird/creepy relationship with her mom. (“I don’t need a boyfriend because my mom is the only relationship I need …” I’m not even kidding.) Weird. And they got rid of Mr. J, Miss J and the gorgeous/brilliant Nigel Barker. Blah. And yet I still watch the show. Kyle doesn’t understand how I can watch it. Like, OMG, I don’t either. *SMIZE*

Hell’s Kitchen/Hotel Hell: It’s not really all that brain-rotting, but Gordon Ramsay is so evil but not really that evil, it’s annoying. And yet I can’t stop watching these shows. (Which are actually now over for the season – Yay?) I just can’t believe he doesn’t get punched by people more often since he talks so horribly to them. And if the chefs competing in Hell’s Kitchen are suppose to be in the running to run a restaurant, you’d think they’d be able to cook a scallop properly. I know I can’t, but that’s why I’m not on Hell’s Kitchen.

Anything Food Network: Okay, a lot of the stuff on Food Network really isn’t brain-rotting, but watching it makes me want to eat ALL OF THE THINGS, so really, it’s more brainwashing. How can you not crave everything they feature on their shows? I watch a hellufalotta Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Chopped, and Eat St. Actually, chances are, if you come to my house, the Food Network will be on in the background. In fact, guess what’s on as I write this post? Also – the shows give me crazy meal ideas that make Kyle go, “Hell no” because they’re usually way too complicated/messy/expensive/gourmet for me to accomplish without destroying the kitchen/burning the food/spending a lot of money on ingredients.

Hoarders/Hoarding: Buried Alive: One is on A&E and the other is on TLC, but they’re pretty much the same thing. How on earth can people let their lives/clutter get to such a point. No one needs a barrel of pens, NO ONE. And yet, I can’t stop watching. Most of the time I’m just dumbfounded while watching it and I can’t stop because I want the hoarder to win and get their crap together (literally and figuratively). It is quite amazing to see the change at the end of the episodes.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Of course, there’s all the not-so-brain-rotting stuff I watch, like So You Think You Can Dance, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, Private Practice, the Walking Dead, etc. Really, it’s sad that I watch so much TV. Saaaaad. At least I don’t watch Jerry Springer or Maury. At least give me that credit!

What brain rotting shows are you guilty of watching?



3 thoughts on “Brain Rot

  1. When I started my current nanny job with E, he was 2 months old. I ended up watching a lot of crummy TV as well. The worst part though, was that since it wasn’t my house, I couldn’t fill up their PVR, and they don’t have a DVD player. I ended up developing this afternoon routine where I’d watch Ellen, Dr. Phil, and Anderson. I’m so glad that E is older now, so we can get out of the house easier!


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