Life Notes

There are things in life that I’ve come to realize, such as:

– It’s impossible to go to Costco and not buy ALL OF THE THINGS. Seriously, I dare you to buy only the items on your list. FOOLS! IT CANNOT BE DONE!

– The smell of baby barf grows on you.

– Smelling diapers to see if they need to be changed is a socially acceptable task.

– Some cars are awesomely sturdy, even as they age. Some cars are not. Guess which category mine falls in. I’ll give you a hint: NOT NOT NOT.

– While babies can sleep through mostly everything, if your dog gets up and “shakes” his collar and your baby is in between being awake and asleep (groggy?), said baby will jump a mile and start crying in fear.

– Never shop at Walmart during the day, or while they’re renovating. Or at night. Matter of fact, never shop at Walmart unless you’re mentally stable enough to handle the chaos.

– Parents will always drive you crazy in some shape or form.

– Cats that normally hate you will become your best friend if you’re the one providing them with delicious noms. Don’t be surprised if the cat goes right back to hating you when its owners are home.

– When you’re in the middle of working on stuff that’s really important and email dependent, your internet will crash harder than the stock market on Black Friday.

What are some things you’ve come to realize?


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