Currently …

I feel like I’ve really been neglecting the blog lately, but it just seems like I haven’t had the chance to sit down and really write! Kyle’s been on holidays for the past weeks, so we’ve been busy visiting family, working in the yard, and just enjoying time as a family.

Time // 1:17 p.m.

Place // Relaxing in the living room, watching Isla snooze away in her baby swing.

Eating // Trying to eat healthier, although the bag of dill pickle chips sitting beside me certainly isn’t helping the matter. I really should have bought more fresh fruit at the farmer’s market on Saturday. All I’ve been craving is fresh, juicy fruit.

Drinking // Homemade iced tea. Kyle and I made it all the time before I had Isla, and we haven’t made it since. I got ambitious a couple days ago and started a batch, and it’s delicious!

Watching // I’ve been watching way too much daytime television. The TV is almost always tuned onto either TLC or the Food Network. I’ve also been watching a lot of Hell’s Kitchen and Hotel Hell. Oh, Gordon Ramsay, how you’re such an asshat but not really. I’ve also been watching my neighbours do some kind of work on their driveway. Right now it’s non-existent. I’m curious to see what their plans are for it.

Reading // Nothing, really. I downloaded Pride & Prejudice onto my Kobo and started to read it, but I’ve lost interest. Classic novels may not be for me, although reading one is on my 96 in 1096 list. I’ll get through it eventually.

Wanting // Spicy food, but Isla’s tummy can’t seem to handle it once it gets through my system and into my milk supply. If you ever really want to upset a baby’s tummy, eat spicy food. SO MUCH POOP AND GAS. Poor girl.

Thinking // Becoming a mom is a pretty awesome experience, as challenging as it may be sometimes. It seems like I learn something new every day, and it’s amazing to watch Isla learn and grow every day!

Hoping // That Isla’s 2-month immunizations go well on Friday. I’m really nervous about it, probably more than I should be! I’m just worried she’ll start screaming and not stop. I’m debating on whether or not I should give her baby Tylenol to help her through it, but I can’t decide.

Needing // A drink. I’ve had one, weak, boozy beverage since I had Isla and it was delicious. With the hot weather we’ve been having, all I’ve wanted is a big summer drink, like a daiquiri or Bellini. I’m still too nervous to drink booze while breast feeding, even though it’s apparently safe to have a drink if I wait two hours after I finish my drink to breastfeed. *sigh* Oh well. I’m sure my liver is thanking me for the break I’ve been giving it the past year! I think I’ve had two drinks in the past year. Liver, you’re welcome.

Anticipating //Cooler weather. It’s been CRAZY hot the past couple weeks, and it’s suppose to be in the low to mid-2o’s starting later this week and into next. The break is going to be a nice change, and I won’t have to wait until later in the evening to talk Isla for walks in her stroller.


3 thoughts on “Currently …

  1. Topher’s 2 month needles were the worst. 6 hours of screaming – and of course
    I was home alone that night, and we didn’t have any baby tylenol, and Nathan had the car … It was horrible. We gave tylenol before every set of shots after that and it made a world of difference!



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