Listy Friday

– I am still pregnant, despite several different efforts to getting this child out of me early. Driving down bumpy roads, spicy food, walking, and yes, even the deed that got me into this predicament. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I’m hoping he’ll have some good news, or at least a solution, for me.

– That being said, I’m done with people telling me to “enjoy” my time off before the baby comes. It’s hard to enjoy life right now when I’m a crampy, swollen mess. My feet and ankles hurt so much because they’re so swollen. Kyle went to the chiropractor on Monday and I’m so jealous because I could really use a re-aligning. My EVERYTHING is out, I swear. One of the first things I’m going to do if make myself an appointment as soon as I feel ready.

– I have eaten way too much pie over the past few days. There’s one piece left and I’m not touching it, I swear.

– I am loving my Kobo eReader! I’m still having  hard time finding books to read (mostly because I’m a picky reader), but it’s SOO nice reading on it!

– I need new dinner ideas. Our meals are getting repetitive and I’d really like to change things up a little. Oh, and they have to be easy! I’m now looking into more crock pot-type meals.

– I’m pretty boring these days. *sigh*

Please tell me something interesting that’s going on in your life so I can live vicariously through you.

One thought on “Listy Friday

  1. Read my post tomorrow for the most interesting thing in my life!

    Aside from that, I’m going to a potluck tonight. Actually, have had quite a few invites to events for the next few weeks – one I blew off last night due to Friday night exhaustion, one that clashes with tonight’s potluck, a party that falls on my birthday, and an American themed party.



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