Friday Bullets

It’s Friday. I have an awesome headache and so I’m pounding back coffee to make it go away. As a result, you get bullets.

  • Random question: How many of you are judging me for drinking coffee while pregnant? It’s not like it’s actual crack. Besides, sources say I can have 2 (measured) cups a day of regular coffee. And I only ask this because no one has actually told me I shouldn’t drink it, they just say it’s bad for me. Splitting headaches are also bad for me, and there’s a lot less I can do about those!
  • I tried to make snickerdoodles last night and it was a mess. My oven, as it turns out, runs about 25° too hot, so I had burnt cookies :( I’m quite depressed about this because I was really looking forward to devouring cookies all night. Instead I ate Doritos.
  • My MIL gave me a tripod to have for my camera! It was for her old camcorder but since it broke/we’re not 5 anymore she doesn’t use it. I’ve been wanting one for a while but they can be a little pricey, so it was a perfect hand-me-down! I can’t wait to try experimenting with long-exposure shots.
  • It has snowed the past two nights in a row – the most snow we’ve had since sometime in November! I’m already tired of shoveling snow. Why the hell did we move to the top of a stickin’ mountain??
  • I’m finding being pregnant has made me marginally cranky. Mostly I’m just getting annoyed at dumb little things. I blame everything on hormones.
  • Since I enter my 2nd trimester Christmas Day, I get to go for my 14 week appointment on Tuesday. I’m really excited!
  • I’m pretty sure my bosses haven’t figured it out that I’m pregnant yet. Either that, or they’re not saying anything.
  • That’s the last pregnancy bullet, I promise.
  • Can someone recommend a good, but decently priced, white wine? I’m buying a bottle as a Christmas present but since I hate wine, I have no idea what to get. Usually I just judge a bottle by its label and it ends up being pretty tasty.
  • I have done extremely well on not devouring Christmas goodies. In fact, we don’t even have any chocolate in our house! This may change tonight when I go buy stocking stuffers.
  • I am fiercely avoiding my freelance work. I did all my interviews early last week and now I’m procrastinating the transcribing part of it. It’s my least favourite part of interviewing over the phone.
  • I think I finally have New Year’s Eve plans. I just have to confirm with friends and buy my ticket. Woo!

That’s enough for today, time to do some actual work!

What are your weekend plans?

3 thoughts on “Friday Bullets

  1. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker but I ate SO MUCH chocolate when I was pregnant – I felt like everyone was judging me! Wait, maybe THAT’S why Topher was so massive …


  2. I haven’t been drinking coffee while pregnant, but I do eat massive amounts of chocolate so I definitely get some caffeine intake! I commend you on not devouring Christmas treats, because that’s basically all I have been doing. I have NO self-control!

    As far as weekend plans go…I’ve been Christmas shopping the past 2 days and still am not done. Ugh!



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