13 Weeks

Not much of a change yet!

How far along? 13 weeks

How big is baby? About 3 inches, or the length of a medium shrimp (ha!) according to BabyCentre.ca.

Total weight gain/loss: I have no idea, although my waistline is starting to feel a little chunkier

Maternity Clothes? Still none, but I’ve been “modifying” my jeans with a small hair tie when they’re feeling snug. (Usually when I put them one after they’ve been washed)

Stretch marks? None!

Sleep: I’m still waking up every couple hours to go pee (marvelous) and it’s started to get uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy. I can notice a little bump when I do!

Movement: Still nothing!

Food cravings: This past week I’ve been craving Asian food – Chinese, miso soup, sushi – and chocolate!

What I miss: Not too much, really. I kind of miss drinking more than one cup of coffee still. That’s about it!

What I am looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. It will be Kyle’s first visit with me since we confirmed the pregnancy with my regular doctor. I’m hoping he’ll let us listen to the heartbeat again!

Milestones: I let the “secret” go at work and now most of my coworkers know that I’m expecting. I’m still not 100% sure if my actual bosses know though. They haven’t actually mentioned anything to me. Oh well?

One thought on “13 Weeks

  1. I told my boss when I was pregnant (I had a lot of doctor’s appointments!) and didn’t say a word to any of my co-workers until I was showing. The girl who sat across from me was completely oblivious – she said she just thought I was bloated.



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